Announcing Jetpack Licensing for Agencies and Professionals

Today, we are excited to announce a new way to distribute Jetpack products to your clients. We designed an all-new licensing portal to address the needs of agencies, implementers, and other web professionals. If you manage multiple WordPress websites, we think this program will be perfect for your needs. 

We know you have a business to run, and you’re tired of being bogged down with copious invoices, tedious product setup, and multiple accounts. To help solve these issues, we worked with a beta group of web professionals to better understand what Jetpack can do to help their businesses grow and run more efficiently. 

After a lot of collaboration and a great deal of feedback, we built an all-new Jetpack licensing platform. 

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Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 50% off your first year.

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Thousands of web professionals already rely on Jetpack to run their businesses, like Lara Prado – CEO & Cofundadora of Lanzadera Online

Discovering Jetpack has been a game-changer for our online marketing agency. Website maintenance meant a headache and countless underpaid hours making backups and analyzing the source of website problems. Now, we keep everything centralized in our Jetpack portal, we issue new licenses easily, our websites are backed up daily, thanks to the activity log we see every move made on a website and we restore if needed within a click! Our agency programmers are able to focus on their priorities, our clients are happier, and as the agency owner, these old management headaches have been replaced with bliss.

We’re proud that Jetpack is a vital component of Lara’s business, and we want to help WordPress professionals do even more. We are eager to learn from you, specifically how to make your businesses more efficient and profitable. The more we can automate and build tools that turn ten tasks into one, the more clarity and value we can help you deliver to your clients.

By using our licensing portal, you’ll be a part of our expanding group of early adopters. You’ll have an opportunity to see early concepts, give us feedback on ideas, and we can even meet to learn about ways we can improve the management of your client’s sites. 

Get started today!

Our licensing portal is now open to all agencies and web professionals. When you sign up, you’ll gain access to our easy-to-use license management tools and receive up to 60% off all of our products. You’ll get:

  • One convenient dashboard where you can manage licenses and monitor all of your clients’ backups, scans, and activity logs
  • One automated monthly bill
  • Quick-start product configuration
  • Up to 60% discount on all Jetpack products 
  • Early access to the newest site management features
Screenshot of the Jetpack Licensing Portal
Jetpack Licensing Portal

On the Jetpack Agency Sign-up page, you can learn more about what we are offering. You’ll also see a simple sign-up form at the bottom. Once you sign up, we’ll be in contact to grant you access to the Licensing Portal and talk to you about any plan migration you’ll need. That’s right; Jetpack Happiness Engineers will automatically migrate your existing plans.  

The only requirement for the program is that you issue 5 licenses within 90 days. This is just the beginning of the agency tools we plan to build, so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on our roadmap by filling out this feature request form.

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Jesse Friedman profile
Jesse Friedman

Jesse Friedman has been building websites for 20 years, and exclusively with WordPress since 2006. Jesse has written several books, taught 100’s of students as a professor, and organized dozens of local meetups along with a few WordCamps. Jesse has spoken at tech conferences around the world including SXSW, HOW, Future events and many more; and has consulted for a wide array of companies from small agencies to multi-billion dollar international companies. Today Jesse is the VP of Innovation and Partnership Success for Jetpack at Automattic, where he spends his time working on partnership and marketing strategies.

Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 50% off your first year.

Explore plans

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