Jetpack 7.3.1: Maintenance Release

Today, we released a minor update to Jetpack to make some new features in Jetpack 7.3 better.

Jetpack 7.3.1 includes a few minor updates like clarifying labels for the debug data in the new Site Health integration, removing a duplicate option in the Block Editor for Likes and Sharing, and more like that. Check out the full changelog for everything.

Find something in Jetpack that doesn’t seem right? Our Happiness Engineers are happy to help or if you have confirmed a bug, we love reports in our GitHub repository.

Do you want to try out things in advance and be able to make a difference in millions of sites? Join our beta program and try out releases before the rest of the world.

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Texan by birth. Engineering Group Lead at Automattic working on Jetpack.

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  1. Gregory McGrath says:

    I can no longer find the spell checker since upgrading Jetpack.

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    • Kraft says:

      Hi Gregory!

      Spelling and Grammar was removed in Jetpack 7.3. With browser-based spell checking and other browser extensions evolving so much over the last few years, we felt it was time to retire our service since it is not a priority for us to continue developing it.

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  2. tattoovape says:

    I am no longer able to post, edit or view pages and posts. Everything is off center in the editor. My background and Gutenberg options are in complete disarray in the editor. Front facing pages look fine.

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  3. James Emmanuel says:

    After the last update, we had a speed drop on our website, hope this update fixes the same?

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  4. Hiphopza says:

    please, i cant publish a post, if i hit publish, it takes me to 404 error page


    • Kraft says:

      While that doesn’t sound like something that Jetpack would cause, could you reach out to with more information? If the 404 page is on a /wp-admin/ URL, then something sounds off with your WordPress install. If the 404 is when you’re trying to view the page, visiting the Settings->Permalinks page of your wp-admin, then clicking save (no changes needed) may help. It rebuilds the file that tells your server how to link various URLs to your WordPress site.


  5. Naomi Hanna says:

    Can’t autodetect image cache by photon…


  6. serros88 says:

    Hi, I am new in WP and installed Jetpack just right now (10 mn ago).
    However, cannot ACTIVATE due to a BUG with JSON.
    Recommended features failed to activate. SyntaxError. Unexpected token < in JSON at position 4.
    What can I do?

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  7. David A. Self says:

    Who really would join such a picky application! I put in my username and password 18 times of different of each, and each time some idiotic comment – Either not available or too short of password, but you all want ones to remember the string of characters and numbers of your b/s password – Yea right; and, if my email address is mine how can it be already taken – Hey JetPack kiss my ass I will not promote stupidity.


    • Kraft says:

      Hi David,

      Have you tried the password recovery option? If it says the email address is taken, that would indicate that you already have an account and wouldn’t need to create a new one.


  8. owenbrown says:

    Image cache not working on my Daily New Nigeria Music News website.


  9. hpprintdriversgmailcom says:

    Amazing, now I get the best solution after time out to find the site Health Check tool to get some unknown issues

    Thank you Jetpack

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