Jetpack and the WordPress App: Manage Your Site On the Go

As a business owner, you have an endless to-do list and managing your website probably falls to the bottom of the list. Dealing with clients, working with employees, creating marketing plans, managing inventory, and calling vendors seem more immediate than editing a blog post or updating a plugin.

But managing your website and keeping it updated play a critical role in the success of your business. What happens if you neglect it?

  • Your search engine rankings suffer and fewer people find your site.
  • Your page speed slows down and fewer people stay on your site.
  • Your content becomes outdated.
  • You miss out on marketing opportunities.
  • Your plugins aren’t updated, making your site less secure.

Keeping your site fresh and secure isn’t optional — it’s key to maximizing profits and growing your business.

Your mobile website management solution

For your WordPress site, there’s only one solution: the WordPress app. Yes, even if you’re self-hosted, you can use Jetpack to connect to the WordPress app to perform critical website management tasks on your mobile device, no matter where you are.

Here’s just a sample of what you can do in the app:

  • Write, edit, and update blog posts
  • Respond to comments and customer feedback on your site
  • Send posts to social media with links to pages and blogs
  • Update plugins
  • Monitor stats
  • Monitor site uptime
  • Restore backups

Most of these tasks aren’t as exciting as making sales, coaching employees, planning marketing campaigns, or the business functions that take up your time — but “exciting” and “important” aren’t synonymous. With the app, you can use your mobile device to keep up with small but vital business growth tasks without feeling like you’re taking time and energy away from sales.

Download the WordPress App for Free.

How the mobile app improves your business

Using the mobile app in tandem with Jetpack unlocks even more benefits for business owners. Here are a few things you can try to help your business grow:

Upload photos and videos directly from your mobile device

This saves a step — no need to transfer them to your desktop before adding them to a post or page. Plus, if you attend live events, you can update your site in real-time, as quickly as you update social media.

Suppose you’re at a convention and you take a photo with a vendor or film a customer testimonial. The faster you add it to your site, the faster you show activity in the marketplace and build credibility.

Collaborate with your team from anywhere

Discuss your latest stats based on an ad campaign, collaborate on a blog post, or agree on the best photos for your site. When your team is on the go, the WordPress app and Jetpack make sure communication continues and work gets done.

Not only will you get things done faster, you’ll also reduce the number of in-person meetings required because you’ll accomplish more, even when you aren’t in the office. And uncluttering your schedule will enable you to devote more time to profit-generating tasks.

Update plugins

Keeping your plugins updated is one of those small but important tasks that’s easy to forget. Jetpack can update your plugins automatically, or you can use the app to update any plugin with a click. This gives you more control than automatic updates but still allows you to be proactive — anytime, anywhere.

Engage with your audience

Get a phone notification as soon as someone comments on a post, and respond immediately. In business, timing is everything. A Harvard Business Review study found that companies who respond to leads within an hour were seven times more likely to make a meaningful connection than those who took two hours, and 60 times more likely than competitors who took a full day. Plus, a quick response may catch someone while they’re still on your site, helping you make a sale.

If a client or customer leaves an unsatisfied comment or review, you can respond and resolve the issue, even if you’re away from the office — appeasing them before they leave poor reviews on sites like Yelp or decide to go to a competitor.

View website activity on the go

Jetpack Activity keeps a detailed log of all the actions that occur on your site — login attempts, published or updated pages and posts, installed or deactivated plugins, setting modifications, and more. Use it in the app to keep tabs on employee activity or make sure your content marketing team is publishing articles on deadline.

You can also quickly spot the source of website problems, and if something goes wrong and you have real-time backups enabled, restore the site to a specific moment in time before the error occurred, all within the app.

Learn more ways Jetpack Activity can help with website management.

Write blog posts from around the world

Write and publish blog posts anywhere that you go. If you’re a travel blogger, write about your adventures on the plane, in the car, or on top of a mountain. If you’re at a business conference, share your experiences while they’re fresh on your mind. You can even add images, videos, and links, and formatting the same way that you can on the desktop.

Instantly check notifications

Along with comment notifications, you can instantly receive alerts on your mobile devices if your website goes down. You can then use Jetpack Activity to find out the last actions taken on your site and identify the problem so you can call your developer to fix the issue (or deactivate a troublesome plugin yourself right from the app!).

Edit site pages and posts

Make quick, simple changes to existing pages and posts on your phone or tablet. If someone notices an important typo, fix it immediately. If a customer sends you a great testimonial, add it to a sales page ASAP.

This is especially helpful if you manage websites on behalf of clients. Be their hero — respond to urgent requests in minutes, not hours. Your day continues without an unexpected return to the office and your client will be thankful for an impeccable customer service experience.

Learn more about using Jetpack Activity as an agency.

Create new users or edit user settings

If a partner or team member needs critical access to your website while you’re traveling or out to lunch with a client, you can create new login details for them. If a contractor completes their work on your site, you can revoke administrator access to keep things secure.

Manage your website from anywhere

Your website may be your most critical business asset. With the combination of Jetpack and the WordPress app, you can stay on top of important details from anywhere in the world. You’ll be more productive, less stressed, protected by the latest technology, and always aware of what’s happening on your site.

Jetpack and the WordPress app are free and we can’t think of a single reason not to get them. Get the WordPress app and install Jetpack today.

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