An Introduction to Online Advertising With WordAds

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If you run a website or regularly create content, you probably discovered that it requires a lot of upkeep and time. From brainstorming content topics and researching trending themes, to writing and publishing your posts, maintaining a website is no easy feat.

Sometimes, running a site doesn’t leave much time to complete other projects that typically bring in added revenue (like freelance writing or photography). To get the biggest return on your time investment, and if you have a Premium or Professional Jetpack plan, you might want to consider online advertising with WordAds to generate some extra income.

Today, we’ll review why using ads might be the most efficient, and streamlined way to make money from your website or blog.

Advertising is a “one size fits all” solution

Whether you blog about fashion, politics, health, or run a website about any topic in between, the majority of site owners can implement online advertising tools. If you just launched a blog, or already have a well-established online store, ads are typically the first step in the monetization process.

This is because ads generate “passive income,” meaning that with some assistance from tools like Related Posts, you can cash in on articles that you previously published without needing to put in any extra work or real-time upkeep.

Display ads, like those that generate from WordAds, require very little configuration upfront and essentially maintain themselves. You can skip setting up an e-commerce framework, and you don’t have to update and keep track of affiliate links. Additionally, site visitors won’t be required to create accounts with your website, like most membership sites necessitate.

Once you implement WordAds, you can return your focus towards creating content that your fans will love.

Placement and customization draw your readers in

WordAds vary in size to align with the amount of space allotted on your pages. You can customize where your ads are located, in order to attract the most click-throughs.

How to activate ads on your WordPress site with Jetpack

By default, advertisements are displayed below every post, page, and the first article on your homepage. You can further increase your earnings by using the Ads widget to place advertisements at the top of your site, and to any widgetized area.

In case you don’t want to display advertisements on particular posts or pages, you can disable them using site-level access.

You want to place enough ads on your site to capture the attention of your visitors; however, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many ads. This can distract site visitors from the purpose of your website, preventing them from reading your content or exploring your photography portfolio. The key is to place just the right number of tailored ads in various locations on your site.

James Parsons of blogpros believes that “one or two really good, highly targeted ads are going to do a lot better for your site overall compared to five or six less targeted ads on a page.”

WordAds are tailored to your audience

In addition to being optimized for use on all WordPress sites, WordAds are catered to each one of your site visitors. Most ads are generated based on users’ geographic locations, technologies such as retargeting (when you focus on returning site visitors), and a list of approved advertisers to ensure that ads are relevant to your audience members.

For example, a site visitor located in California will not be served an advertisement for a store based out of Maryland. Instead, they might receive an ad for a California-based business, or for another business’s website that they visited in the past.

Jetpack only partners with advertisers that display family-friendly ads (like Google AdSense, Facebook, and Amazon), and its fraud prevention team proactively identifies any malicious ads. Jetpack’s superior ad placements, when paired with a steady stream of site traffic, can result in site visitors completing a specific action — clicking on an ad, or making a purchase directly from your website, and so on — and more revenue earned.

Earn additional revenue without the extra work

With WordAds, you’ll be positioned to bring in bonus income without doing extra work on your end. If you have a Premium or Professional plan, and you want to begin monetizing your website, head over to Traffic within your Dashboard to activate Ads and begin letting your content work for you.

Are you making money with WordAds? Share your story in the comments section!

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Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

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