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Enterprise Security

Elevate your security offerings with our enterprise‑grade vulnerability scanning and advanced AI spam filtering.

Enterprise-level API

WPScan provides access to a custom, enterprise‑grade API for up‑to‑date vulnerability data, including risk scores and CVE identifiers, allowing for proactive security management of severe vulnerabilities.

Advanced spam detection and filtering

Akismet leverages advanced AI to filter out spam on any piece of user‑submitted text. Since its inception by Automattic (the team behind WordPress), Akismet has blocked over 500 billion pieces of spam across 100 million websites at a 99.99% accuracy rate.

With Akismet, we don’t really have to think about spam prevention, which allows us to work on other things. It allows us to work on delivering better features for our customers that they care about – and that are visible to them. And we’re able to do that because of what Akismet is doing behind the scenes.

Ben Giordano

Akismet’s flexible API

Great care was taken in making the Akismet API open, flexible, and easy to use for partners and developers. This allows our partners to easily build Akismet into any application effortlessly, at any scale.

Automated vulnerability scanning with WPScan

WPScan detects the most severe vulnerabilities affecting WordPress installations, plugins, and themes. Our team of WordPress security experts manually verifies each new vulnerability, ensuring the highest quality data.

The sense of completeness and alerts for ALL relevant plugins, we never had a need to go crosscheck WPScan against anyone else.

Brent Stackhouse
VP of Security, WP Engine

One of our top priorities at Kinsta is security. WPScan is a valuable tool in our toolbelt providing a thorough and reliable WordPress vulnerability notification service.

Daniel Pataki
CTO, Kinsta