Jetpack Partners

Jetpack Security Partner Program

Our enterprise‑grade partner program enables you to offer customized, all‑encompassing security solutions to your clients.

Partnership Options

Channel Partnerships

Technology Partnerships

Strategic Alliances

Cloud Service Providers

Channel Partnerships

Our Jetpack Security Channel Partners gain access to innovative security solutions for their customers without the need to develop them internally.

We offer 5 types of Channel Partnerships:

Reseller Partnerships

Expand your offerings by incorporating our products as a reseller, providing enhanced solutions for your customers.

Value-Added Resellers

We’ll work with you to develop a modified version of our products or services in order to add more value for your customers.

System Integrators

We collaborate with global, regional, and boutique SIs to create tailored systems using our product software components.

Managed Service Providers

Increase revenue by incorporating your technology services on top of our products or services for a recurring fee.

OEM Partnerships

Extend your customer reach and tap into new markets by embedding our technology into your existing security offerings.

Technology Partnerships

Our Technology Partners are innovators. Forging a technology partnership enables our expertise and yours to combine, propelling us both to greater heights. This isn’t just about collaboration; it’s a fusion of strengths that produces value and expands horizons for our mutual customers.

Strategic Alliances

Collaborating globally, we join forces with companies to share resources, expertise, and distribution channels, amplifying each other’s strengths and expanding competitive market reach for shared growth and success. We align ourselves with companies and products we believe in, with a shared mission to make the web a better place.

Cloud Service Providers

Harness unwavering cloud security and compliance management across diverse cloud‑native technologies encompassing applications, data, and networks. Embrace the fusion of Jetpack Security’s pioneering products with the cutting‑edge capabilities of our esteemed cloud service provider partners for a fortified digital landscape.

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