Markdown for WordPress Sites

The quickest and easiest way to write rich, formatted text without any coding.

What is Markdown?

Markdown is a modern “shorthand” that makes it easier and faster to write and publish content without having to remember different HTML tags.

By using certain pre-defined punctuation marks in the right ways Jetpack will automatically convert your text into properly styled content.

Markdown users love it because:

  • It is much faster to write new content for websites.
  • It is much easier to proofread what you’re writing because the editor is less cluttered.
  • Uses simple punctuation marks to create headings, lists, formatting, and more.

The original Markdown text you write will always remain in Markdown, this way you can go back and edit it using Markdown. Only the published document – the post or the page – will be converted.
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Feature Detail

  • Emphasize a word by simply wrapping it with an asterisk on both ends: *emphasized*.
  • Make a word or phrase bold by using two asterisks: **bold**.
  • Insert links by simply using square and regular parentheses: [](
  • Similarly easily create bulleted or numbered lists, tables, headings, and more.
  • Allow readers to use Markdown in comments.

Part of Jetpack’s suite of discussion tools for WordPress sites including comments, subscriptions, contact forms, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions. And we’re always more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

How much does markdown cost?

Markdown is provided for free to all WordPress sites running Jetpack.

How do I turn it on?

Simply install Jetpack and enable it with one click from your Jetpack dashboard. For advanced settings and trouble-shooting read our detailed support document.

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