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Benefit From AI-Powered Feedback for Your Content

You can optimize your content’s clarity and impact before publishing thanks to feedback from the AI Assistant. This feature is integrated with the block editor to provide insightful suggestions and improvements.

Get Feedback From the AI Assistant

The AI Assistant offers feedback capabilities for both posts and pages. Additionally, if you utilize Jetpack custom post types, such as Portfolios or Testimonials, the AI Assistant will also offer feedback for these specific entries.

AI assistance is only available with the block editor; the Classic Editor does not support the AI Assistant feedback. The feature is activated by default if Jetpack Blocks are active on your site. For guidance on activating Jetpack Blocks, refer to the Jetpack Blocks support guide.

Here is how to ask the AI Assistant for feedback:

  1. Start by drafting your content. The feedback will be based on what you write.
  2. In the top-right corner of the post-writing screen, click the Jetpack icon. This will open the Jetpack plugin sidebar.
  3. Find and expand the AI Assistant section.
  4. Click the Generate feedback button.
  5. The AI Assistant will open a pop-up window detailing feedback and potential enhancement suggestions for your content.
  6. Refinement is iterative. You can adjust your content and ask AI for feedback as many times as you need.
  7. Publish your content.
AI Assistant section is visible in the Jetpack sidebar. It checks for mistakes and verifies the tone of your post before publishing. It comes with the Generate feedback button.

Usage Limitations

The feedback feature is a part of the AI Assistant suite.

Jetpack AI Assistant is currently available for free up to 20 requests. Exceeding this number will trigger a message: “Congratulations on exploring Jetpack AI and reaching the free requests limit! Upgrade now to keep using it.” You will be prompted to upgrade to a paid subscription to keep using the feature.

You can upgrade anytime by navigating to Jetpack -> My Jetpack in your WP Admin. You will find a Purchase button in the Jetpack AI section.

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