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Promote Your Content with Blaze

Attract high-quality traffic to your site using Blaze. Using this service, you can advertise a post or page on some of the millions of pages across and Tumblr from just $5 per day.


  • The Jetpack plugin should be installed and connected on your site. New to Jetpack? Check out the guide here to get started.

How to activate Blaze

Starting with Jetpack 12.3, Blaze needs to be activated under under the Jetpack Feature modules page.

How to Blaze your content

Follow these steps to set up a Blaze campaign:

  1. On your dashboard, navigate to the Posts or Pages screen, then scroll to the post or page you’d like to Blaze. Click the three dots icon on the right, then click Promote with Blaze.
  1. Once you select the page or post you want to promote, you will be taken to the campaign wizard where you will need to configure the Appearance, Audience & Budget, and Payment for your campaign. Each section is explained in detail below.
  2. Click the Next or Previous buttons to navigate between each of these steps.


This section asks for information to determine how your Blaze campaign will look when promoted across the network.

  • Title: This appears above your image and as bolded text. You can write a maximum of 23 characters here — use them wisely to capture the viewer’s attention.
  • Snippet: A short text description of your post that appears underneath your image. You can write a maximum of 70 characters here. We recommend using this text to support your headline and give viewers more context about what they will see when they click the ad and arrive at your content.
  • Image: Upload an image to represent your post. You can use the crop tool to adjust your image’s appearance in the ad.
  • Destination URL: Where visitors will be directed when they click on the campaign. (This can be the post itself, or your site’s homepage.)

Audience & Budget

As you adjust your settings on this screen, your ad preview will reflect your choices and provide you with an estimated reach for your campaign, which is the number of times your ad will be shown.

Choose who will see your ad by selecting from the following dropdowns:

  • Devices: Choose if you would like your post to be seen by viewers on desktop computers or mobile devices. Select All devices to show your post to all potential viewers regardless of the device they’re using.
  • Location: Choose geographic areas where your post will be promoted. You can narrow down your audience, or select Everywhere to show your post to all potential viewers regardless of their location.
  • Interests: Choose the interests of your intended audience. Select All topics to show your post to all potential viewers regardless of their interests.

Control how much you would like to spend on your Blaze campaign:

  • Spend per day: choose a minimum of $5 per day, up to a maximum of $50 per day. It will be charged in USD. No other currencies are supported at this time.
  • Duration: choose the number of days you would like your campaign to run, between 1 and 28 days.
  • Start date: Select when you would like your campaign to start running.

If you’re not sure what to select here, we suggest starting at $5 per day over 7 days, then growing from there based on your results.

As you adjust your targeting choices, you will see an estimate of how many people you will reach (“estimated impressions”). It’s important to balance your reach with how relevant your content is to the audience. This helps to maximize how many clicks your ad receives and, ultimately, how much traffic it produces for you.


In the Payment section, fill out your payment details and then click the Save and Submit button. You won’t be charged until after the ad has been approved and starts running on our network of sites.

Payments will be made automatically on a weekly basis, based on delivered impressions over that period (i.e. how many times your ad was served). You will be charged weekly for ads served across all of your promotions.

When a payment is made, you will receive an email receipt to the email address associated with your account.

You can cancel your campaigns at any time. You will only be charged for the portion of your campaign that had already been served up until that point. It is not possible to refund any charges for ads served, so make sure to set your budget to an amount you are willing to pay.

Ad Approval

We review all Blaze campaigns for compliance with our Advertising Policy before they are seen by others.

We try to moderate posts as quickly as possible, depending on how much content we need to review. Currently, we average around 30 minutes, but there’s no guaranteed time.

If your post has been approved, you will receive an email saying that your post was approved and will be put online.

Your post will be rejected if it does not conform to our Advertising Policy. You will not be charged if your post is rejected.

Manage Your Campaigns

Visit to access your running campaigns. You will see the details of your live campaigns and any posts awaiting moderation:

Note: All analytics tools work a little differently, so you may see clicks on your campaign that don’t show up in your site stats or preferred analytics tool.

If you wish to stop a campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and click on the Campaigns tab.
  2. Click the downward arrow to the right of the campaign you’d like to stop.
  3. Click on the Cancel campaign link in the bottom right corner.

Once a campaign has been canceled, it will stop running, with no option to restart it.

If you need to edit a campaign that’s already submitted, you can cancel that campaign and create a new one with the necessary updates, then submit that for approval.

Where Your Ad Appears

Your Blaze campaign will appear across the network of Tumblr and free sites, with an ‘Advertisement’ label like in this example:

For more information, please review our Advertising Policy and Terms of Service.

Still need help?

Please contact support directly. We’re happy to advise.

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