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Authors Widget

The Authors widget lets you showcase your blog’s writers in any widget area.

The Authors widget can display the names or avatars of all your blog’s writers, links to a list of all their former posts, as well as links to posts they’ve recently written.

This is how Authors widget looks when it’s activated on a blog sidebar. It looks great, especially when you have a lot of authors:

Note: the style results depend on the theme you are using.

Authors widget

Activating and setting up the Authors widget

You can add the widget to your sidebar from your Appearance → Customize → Widgets.

Search for the Authors widget and add it as showing here:

Add the widget

Then, set up the widget with the information you prefer:

Set up the widget with your preferences

Title: you can add a title for the widget.

Display all authors: In case you have more than one author on the site, you can select this option to display all of them.

Number of posts to show for each author: Under each author, you can show a list of the posts they wrote [0 to 10 posts].

Avatar size: Here you have multiple size options to add your avatar, even not show an avatar at the widget.

Visibility: you can know how to set up your Widget Visibility here.

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