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Flickr (Jetpack) Widget

Jetpack’s Flickr widget allows you to embed up to 10 photos from a Flickr photostream to any widget area on your site.

A screenshot of the Jetpack Flickr widget, customized to show six images from a Flickr photostream.

Adding the Jetpack Flickr Widget

  1. To use this widget, you’ll first need to activate the Extra Sidebar Widgets feature.
  2. To add the widget, go to Appearance → Customize  → Widgets and search “Flickr”.
  3. Click the Flickr (Jetpack) icon to add the widget to your chosen widget area.
Finding the Jetpack Flickr widget in the Widget menu.
  1. The widget configuration options will display in your widget area. Give your widget a title, or leave it blank.
  2. To find your Flickr RSS URL, go to your photostream, add ?details=1 to the URL. The URL will look something like this: Hit Enter.
  3. On the next page, scroll down until you see the RSS icon, or the “Latest” link. Right-click on either option, and copy the URL.
    • Optional: Leave the Flickr RSS URL field blank to display random photos from Flickr.
  4. Paste the RSS URL into the Flickr RSS URL: field in the widget editor.
  5. You will have a few other customization options for the widget as well:
    • How many photos to display (up to 10)
    • Whether to open the images in a new tab when clicked
    • Whether to display the images as thumbnails, medium, or large.

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