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MailChimp Subscriber Popup Widget

The MailChimp Subscriber Popup Widget provides a popup that allows visitors to join your MailChimp list.

Many people use MailChimp for their email lists. This widget will give your visitors a way to subscribe to one of your lists from your site.

First, make sure that the Extra Sidebar Widgets and Shortcode Embeds modules have been enabled. You’ll also need to either create a MailChimp account or log in to your current one.

Next, create an email list for your website’s followers. Navigate to your list and click Signup forms.

From there, select the Subscriber popup option.

mailchimp settings

Design and configure your form however you’d like.

Pro-tip: It’s tempting to set up your form to show a popup as soon as visitors open your site. Definitely consider editing the settings to showcase the popup after 5 seconds instead of immediately. The MailChimp form will only show to visitors once! The more time they have to familiarize with your site, the better.

Make sure to Publish your form. Once you’ve done this, click View Code (both buttons are in the lower right).

mailchimp code

You’ll get a popup with some code. Copy that code, making sure not to change anything.

copy mailchimp code

Head over to Appearance > Widgets in your site’s Dashboard and drag the MailChimp Subscriber Popup (Jetpack) widget to the desired widget area on your site.

mailchimp widget

Now you need that snippet of code you copied from MailChimp’s site. Paste this code into the text box.

mailchimp widget settings

You can limit where the popup will appear to your visitors by configuring the widget’s Visibility settings.

When you’re done making changes, click the Save & Publish button up at the top.

The first time a visitor comes to your page, they’ll get a popup with your subscription form. MailChimp stores a cookie in the visitor’s browser so they don’t get the popup more than once.

Here’s an example:

mailchimp popup example

Updating Your Form

If you’d like to make changes to your form, return to your settings in MailChimp to make your edits. As soon as you publish those changes to the MailChimp form, they’ll automatically be reflected on your site. You don’t need to copy/paste the code again for the updated form to be shown to visitors.

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