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Markdown Block

With the Markdown block you can compose posts and comments with links, lists, and other styles using regular characters and punctuation marks. Markdown is used by writers and bloggers who want a quick and easy way to write rich text, without having to take their hands off the keyboard, and without learning a lot of complicated codes and shortcuts.

If you have Jetpack enabled but are not using blocks, take a look at our Markdown support document for more information.  


To use the Markdown block, To use the Subscription Form Block, you need to enable Jetpack’s Markdown feature in Jetpack  Settings  Writing Composing.

You can also enable Markdown for comments by visiting Settings → Discussion → Comments in your dashboard, and then toggling the option labeled Enable Markdown use for comments. Choose Save Settings, and now visitors to your blog will be able to use Markdown when composing comments.

Adding the Markdown block

You can add a Markdown Block to any post or page, by selecting it from the Jetpack section of the block picker:




See our Jetpack Blocks page for more information on adding Jetpack blocks. When writing in a Markdown block, you will see the Markdown tab selected, indicating that you should write your Markdown code here (more information on Markdown formatting below).



You can click the Preview tab to see an approximation of how your Markdown content will appear when published. (Note that the actual appearance will vary depending on the styles added by your theme.)


If you move out of the Markdown block, the content Preview will be displayed. When you click on the Markdown block again, it will switch back to the Markdown tab so you can continue writing.

Note: The Markdown block currently follows the CommonMark spec. For more information on how to use CommonMark, please see this guide.

How to Write with Markdown

For more information on how to write with Markdown, please see our Markdown support documentation.

Block Settings

The Markdown block has no additional settings in the editor sidebar.


If you’re having any trouble with the Markdown block, please contact support for help.

Privacy Information

This feature is deactivated by default. It can be activated/deactivated at any time by toggling the Markdown setting at Jetpack → Settings → Writing → Composing.

Data Used

Site Owners / Users

For activity tracking (detailed below): IP address, user ID, username, site ID and URL, Jetpack version, user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, country code.

Site Visitors


Activity Tracked

Site Owners / Users

We track when, and by which user, the feature is activated and deactivated.

Site Visitors


Data Synced (Read More)

Site Owners / Users

We sync a single option that identifies whether or not the feature is activated.

Site Visitors


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