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Story Block

The Story block allows you to combine photos and videos to create an engaging, tappable, full-screen slideshow on your site’s posts and pages.

Stories published on your site won’t disappear after 24 hours, and you can edit or add to stories after they are published.


To use the Story block, your site needs to have Jetpack 9.8 or above installed and activated. The block will become available once a site connection is in place.

The Stories feature is also available in the WordPress app for Android and iOS for all self-hosted Jetpack sites using the Block editor.

Adding the Story block

Jetpack brings features like the Story block to your self-hosted WordPress site. For detailed instructions on using the Story block, please see the Story Block support page.

Still need help?

Please contact support directly. We’re happy to lend a hand and answer any other questions that you may have.

Privacy Information

This feature is activated by default. It cannot be deactivated.

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