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Jetpack Social: Optimizing User Engagement

Studies show that manually published social media posts get 50% more engagement than sharing links. Using Jetpack Social’s organic content sharing feature, you can select an image or video and custom text to share your blog post as a native social media post instead of a link preview. This saves you time and optimizes engagement!

This feature is available with the Jetpack Social Advanced plan only.

Engagement Optimizer

To use this feature, upload an image or video and add your custom text in the Social sidebar. You can do that by following the steps below.

  1. When editing a blog post, open the Jetpack Social sidebar. For that, click the Jetpack icon if Jetpack is active:

or the Social icon if you’re using the Jetpack Social plugin without Jetpack:

  1. Click the Choose Media button to select an image or a video you’d like to share.

  1. Add a custom message you’d like to share with your audience. If left blank, the message will display the default WordPress excerpt.
  1. Share as a social post. Typically, images and text are displayed as link previews on social media. However, to optimize user engagement, you can choose to share them as a dedicated social post. For that, check the Share as a social post option:
  1. That’s it! Publish your post now or schedule it for later and the media and text you selected will show up on your social channels as a social post.

Post Media Requirements by Social Media Platform

Not all platforms support all media types. If you choose an unsupported media type, you will see an error message in the plugin. See the tables below for an overview of what each platform supports.


PlatformSupported formatsFile size
FacebookJPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMPMax 4 MB
LinkedInJPG, PNGMax 20 MB
TumblrJPG, PNGMax 20 MB
MastodonJPG, PNG, WebPMax 8 MB
InstagramJPGMax 8 MB
Supported media formats and file sizes by social media platforms.


PlatformSupported formatsFile size
FacebookMP4, MOV + others (full list)Size: Max 10 GB
Length: Max 4 hours
LinkedInMP4Size: Max 200 MB
Length: Max 10 minutes
TumblrMP4, MOVSize: Max 500 MB
Length: Max 10 minutes
Supported video formats and file sizes by social media platforms.

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