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Jetpack Stats Insights Dashboard

The Jetpack Stats Insights view will be helpful in identifying patterns and trends so that you better understand your data.

On the Insights view, you can find quick yearly reviews, all-time highlights, an overview of your posting activity, and all-time insights. 

To access this view:

  1. Go to your site’s WP Admin.
  2. Then, go to Jetpack → Stats
  3. Click Insights.

Year in Review

This section provides a quick overview of the total number of posts, words, likes, and comments recorded throughout the year. You can also see your total number of subscribers for the current year.

You can navigate through years with the arrows in the top-right corner.

Jetpack stats showing Insights tab opened with the number of posts, words, likes, comments and subscribers under the 2023 in review tagline.

To view and compare the yearly average figures click View all annual insights. This will give you access to a table that displays each year’s aggregated totals in terms of posts, comments, likes, and words, along with their corresponding averages such as comments per post, likes per post, and words per post.

Table showing total posts and comments, average comments per post, total likes, average likes per post, total words and average words per post in columns and years in rows.

All-time highlights

All-time highlights section displays All-time stats, Most popular time, Best views ever and Lates post blocks.

In this section, data is split into 4 separate blocks:

  • All-time stats: In the All-time stats section, you will find the total number of views, visitors, posts, and comments. These are the total numbers since the creation of your site for posts and comments, or the moment when Jetpack stats were activated for views and visitors. 
  • Most popular time: In the Most popular time section, you will discover both your Best day and Best hour. We evaluate results for each weekday and identify the one during which your page views are typically at their highest. Additionally, we analyze the data on an hourly basis to determine the most active time of day. You can use these insights to schedule your new content to reach the largest possible audience.
  • Best views ever: The Best views ever section reveals the day that your website had the highest traffic, the highest number of views, and the percentage of total views it represents.
  • Latest post: The Latest post section provides a quick overview of the total number of views, likes and comments received by the latest post published on your site. If you click the post title, you will access more details, such as a chart view over different period lengths and a table cumulating totals and per-day averages calculated monthly and yearly.

Posting activity

Posting activity over twelve months with each month presented as a grid of daily blocks. Darker blocks correspond to days with more posts, grey blocks represent days without posts.

This section gives you a quick graphical overview of the posting frequency on your site over time. This can help you recognize patterns in your posting behavior. You can evaluate disparities between weekday and weekend posting habits or how your posting activity fluctuates month-by-month.

All-time insights

All-time insights section starts with the Total views block.

The All-time insights section provides separate sections for different types of data, including Total views, Tags & categories, Comments, Subscribers, and Number of subscribers.

Total views

Table showing total views. Columns correspond to months, rows to years. Each cell displays the total number of views. More active months are marked with darker background color. There is a button allowing you to switch to the Average per day view.

The Total views table shows monthly figures since the activation of Jetpack stats. This block is designed to help you identify more active months, reflected in darker background colors.

Moreover, you can quickly switch between the total monthly numbers (Months and years) and the daily averages recorded per month (Average per day).

Tags & categories

List of categories and tags with ordered by number of views.

In this section, you can find a list of the per-category or per-tag pages that received the highest number of views, along with the respective total view counts.


A list of post authors ordered by the number of comments. There is a button allowing you to switch to the By posts & pages view

In this section, you can find a list of your most commented authors, along with the total count of comments they received.

Additionally, there’s an option to switch to the By posts & pages view, where you can find the most commented publications and their respective comment counts.

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