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Add subtitles to your Jetpack VideoPress videos

Ensure your videos are as accessible as possible by adding subtitles or captions.

You can add subtitles or captions to your Jetpack VideoPress videos by using a .vtt file. This type of file is a Web Video Text Tracks file.

How to add a .vtt file to a Jetpack VideoPress Video

  1. First, upload your video using the VideoPress block.
  2. Click on the Text Tracks icon in the block toolbar, as shown below:
Screenshot which highlights the Text Tracks icon on the VideoPress block toolbar. 

The Text Tracks icon is a square with two parallel lines inside, to represent text.
  1. Click on Upload track to upload your .vtt file. The Label and Source Language fields will automatically be populated if nothing is inserted.
  2. Click Save.

When you preview your post, the subtitles menu will appear in the Jetpack VideoPress player, with your subtitles track as an option for viewers to select.

It is not possible to associate a .vtt file for closed captions to a file directly in the Media Library. The VideoPress block must be added first. However, when you upload a track file to the video via the above steps, it gets associated with the media file itself. If you reuse the video file elsewhere, the track will be already in place.

Viewers can use the Captions Settings menu in the VideoPress player on the front-end of the site to customize the appearance of the subtitles or captions.

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