The VideoPress module allows you to upload videos from your computer for hosting on and inserting on your self-hosted Jetpack site. This module requires a account with an active Premium or Business upgrade.

To get started with VideoPress you can follow these quick steps:

  1. Connect Jetpack to your account
  2. Activate the Jetpack module
  3. Adjust the configuration settings
  4. Upload videos
  5. Insert videos into your posts

Connecting Jetpack and VideoPress

To connect Jetpack to your site that has the VideoPress premium upgrade, go to Jetpack -> Settings. Hover over your mouse on the VideoPress module row, then click the Configure link.

On the next screen, choose the connected blog from the drop-down interface, select your preferred options from the available settings, and click Save Changes.


Uploading and inserting videos

To upload a video to your VideoPress Library, go to your site and Media -> Add New. You can find more information about uploading videos here.

Once your videos are uploaded, copy the shortcode, go to your Jetpack site and start a new post or edit an existing post. Next, paste that shortcode into your post where you want the video to display.

Additional Information

This module also allows you to retrieve a video’s [wpvideo xyz] shortcode, and insert it into your post. You can specify the width and height of the video container with w= h= shortcode attributes. You can autoplay a video by setting a shortcode parameter of autoplay=true. The following are all valid shortcodes:

  • [wpvideo xyz] uses your default theme content_width if present, otherwise uses 400px as width.
  • [wpvideo xyz w=640] specifies the width of video container to be 640px while preserving the aspect ratio.
  • [wpvideo xyz w=640 h=360] specifies both width and height of the video container.
  • [wpvideo xyz h=300] specifies the height of the video container to be 300px, while preserving the aspect ratio.

Video preview elements and HTML5 video are directly inserted into your WordPress post or page, enabling custom styling through CSS or inclusion in your site statistics.


Do I need a account to use this module?
Yes. This module relies on a site with the Premium or Business upgrade to host uploaded videos, transcoded video files, and related information. Since you already need a account to connect Jetpack, you just need to add a site to host your video files.

Can I use this module to host videos on my own server?
No. This module requires a site with the VideoPress upgrade and has no support for hosting videos on your own server.

I’m already using the VideoPress plugin!
We highly recommend disabling the standalone VideoPress plugin as it is long out of date. Also, enabling VideoPress through Jetpack will ensure that you receive all updates and bug fixes in the future.

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