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Photos and Videos

Jetpack provides creative and performant solutions for you to showcase photos and videos without slowing down your site.


Jetpack VideoPress

To display videos on your site, Jetpack VideoPress offers a clean and ad-free player designed to put your content in the spotlight. Its deep integration lets you manage everything directly from WP Admin, and upload videos directly to VideoPress which helps to save site storage space on your web server. Also, VideoPress benefits from state of the art CDN which ensures the delivery of high-quality playback at the ideal bitrate and resolution.

Jetpack VideoPress is available to anyone with a Jetpack Complete or VideoPress plan, and you can try it out for free for one video with a file size of up to 1 GB. If you’re ready, get started here!

Loom block

You can easily embed a Loom video by using the Loom block which comes by default with Jetpack.


Jetpack offers a variety of options to showcase photos on your site.

Performance with Images

Image CDN (formerly Photon) is an option included in Jetpack’s Site Accelerator. By hosting your images from our servers, we alleviate the load on your server and help provide faster image loading for your readers.

To optimize images on your site, you can also rely on the Image Size Analyzer and Image Analysis Report from Jetpack Boost.

Images and Gallery blocks

To showcase you photos in a creative way, Jetpack offers a variety of blocks:

  • Tiled Gallery block, to display your image galleries as a tiled mosaic, circular grid, square tiles, or tiled columns. Then, you can enhance the gallery display by activating the Carousel option, this will launch a gorgeous full-screen photo browsing experience of the gallery.
  • Slideshow block, to showcase an image slideshow into a post or page.
  • Image Compare block, to display and compare the differences between two images side by side (or above and below).
  • Story block, to combine photos and videos to create an engaging, tappable, full-screen slideshow.

Open License Libraries

Need a hand finding beautiful images for your content? You can do that by tapping into libraries offering openly-licensed images, thanks to:

Integrate with Third-Party Services

Do you use Google Photos, Instagram, Pinterest? Or envoy communicating through GIFs? If so, you can integrate them all on your site with:

  • Google Photos integration, connect Jetpack to your Google account to use your Google Photos in Jetpack’s image-related blocks.
  • Latest Instagram Posts block, to display your most recent Instagram images on your site.
  • Pinterest block, to embed yours or other’s Pinterest content on your site.
  • GIF block, easily search for and embed an animated GIF image from Giphy directly into a post or page on your site.

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