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Jetpack provides everything you need to embed high-resolution photos and videos on any page without slowing down your site.

Use Jetpack to add some fun to your images. Tiled Galleries let you display multiple photos — choose from five layouts! — and Carousel makes it easy for your visitors to view individual images.

Have videos? Jetpack’s Video Hosting allows you to upload videos from your computer to be hosted on, rather than on your host’s servers. You can then insert these on your self-hosted Jetpack site in their very own video player. And if you need extra help getting those pictures to load fast, we’ve got you covered too: Jetpack’s Image CDN helps your images fly onto the screen.

  • Changing a Video’s Thumbnail - Jetpack VideoPress allows you to choose a frame or upload an image to use as the thumbnail of your videos. Using a Video Frame Thumbnail To use a frame from your video as the thumbnail for the video: Go to In the top left corner, click Switch Site and select the Jetpack-connected site you […]
  • Jetpack VideoPress - Jetpack VideoPress allows you to upload videos from your computer to be hosted on, rather than on your host’s servers. This allows your videos to be loaded more quickly on your website. How do I get Jetpack VideoPress? Jetpack VideoPress is available to anyone with a Jetpack Complete, or VideoPress plan.  How do I […]
  • Uploading a Video to Jetpack VideoPress - Videos hosted via Jetpack VideoPress use’s servers rather than your host’s server, allowing them to load more efficiently. There are two methods for uploading videos into Jetpack VideoPress: Upload via Upload via the WP Admin We generally recommend uploading via This should ensure that no hosting upload limits or site upload limits […]
  • Video Hosting (Classic Editor) - Jetpack's video hosting module allows you to upload videos from your computer for hosting and playback directly within your site.
  • Classic: Tiled Galleries - Tiled Galleries with the Classic Editor: allowing you to display your image galleries as a thumbnail grid, tiled mosaic, square tiles, circles, tiled columns or as a slideshow.
  • Story Block - The Story block allows you to combine photos and videos to create an engaging, tappable full-screen slideshow on your site’s posts and pages. Stories published on your site won’t disappear after 24 hours and you can edit or add to stories after they are published.
  • Troubleshooting Video Hosting Issues - How to resolve common issues with Jetpack Video Hosting.
  • Image Compare Block - The Image Compare Block allows you to display and compare the differences between two images side by side (or above and below) thanks to a slider.
  • Pinterest Block - The Pinterest block is the easiest way to embed Pinterest content to your site: it allows you to embed boards, profiles, and pins.
  • Slideshow Block - The Slideshow block lets you insert an image slideshow into a post or page.

Need help with any of Jetpack’s photo and video features? Feel free to contact us for more personalized assistance.

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