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Pexels Free Photo Library

Certain photo-related Jetpack blocks integrate with the Free Photo Library, courtesy of Pexels.

Pexels includes a library of over 40,000 beautiful copyright-free images to use on your site.

Important note: Any images you import into your Media Library with the Free Photo Library will count against your server storage limits. Please consult your host’s customer service team for any questions or concerns about this.

Jetpack Image Blocks Integrated with Pexels

You can use Pexels in many different blocks. The option will be available when using the Image block, the Gallery block, and the Featured Image settings available on your WordPress site.

You’ll also be able to use it with your Jetpack Slideshow Block, Tiled Gallery Block, or Image Compare Block.

The screenshot below demonstrates how to add Pexels photos to the Slideshow Block, specifically, but the method is the same for the other blocks as well:

Insert free photos from Pexels using the Jetpack Slideshow Block

Adding Pexels Images Directly to the Media Library

You can also add images from Pexels directly to your Media Library. This has to be done on, however. It is not possible to do this within your WP Admin. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your site is properly connected to Jetpack.
  2. Navigate to your site on using the My Sites link in the top left.
  3. Click Media, then click the little image icon. There, choose Pexels Free Photos.
  4. You can add free images from Pexels directly to your Media Library.

Photographer Credit

For your convenience and proper credit to the photographer, the photographer of each photo is credited automatically in the caption. However, keeping this credit on your site is unnecessary if you don’t wish to.

Modifying image dimensions

You may want to check your theme’s documentation for ideal image dimensions for photos used in various places on your site. If necessary, you can change image dimensions within your Media Library or with another editing tool, such as PicMonkeyCanva, Pixlr, or Photopea.

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