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Openverse Media Library Support

Openverse, previously known as CC Search, is a search engine for openly licensed media.

Openverse has an index of over 600 million Creative Commons licensed and public domain image files, all of which can be used on your site free of charge.

Certain Jetpack blocks now include built-in support for Openverse.

​​Important note: Any images you import into your Media Library from Openverse will count against your server storage limits. Please consult your host’s customer service team for any questions or concerns about this.

Image Blocks with Openverse Support

Follow these steps to find and insert Openverse images within the Image or Gallery Block: 

  1. Insert an Image Block (or Gallery Block) into the post or page you’re working on:
  1. Choose “Select Image” and select “Openverse” from the list of sources:
  1. Search for the perfect image on Openverse:
  1. Select the image you’d like to insert into the Image Block:
  1. Choose “Select” to insert your chosen image into the Image Block:

Photographer Support

Where possible, each image’s photographer is automatically credited in the caption. However, the caption doesn’t need to be kept on your site and can be removed if preferred.

Modifying Image Dimensions

You should check your theme’s documentation for ideal image dimensions used in various areas of your site. If necessary, you can change image dimensions within your Media Library or with another editing tool, such as PicMonkey, Canva, Pixlr, or Photopea.

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