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Tiled Gallery Block

With Tiled Galleries you can display your image galleries as a tiled mosaic, circular grid, square tiles, or tiled columns. There is also a slideshow option.

Here are some previews:

Gallery images will automatically be served through Jetpack’s Image CDN.

Tiled Galleries in the Classic Editor

To use Tiled Galleries using the Classic Editor plugin or the Classic Block, please see this guide.

To create a gallery, add a new Tiled Gallery block either with the in-post block selector or using the block selector in the post toolbar.

Tiled Galleries block option in the block picker

After adding the block, you can then add images to your gallery in the same way that you can add images to a regular image block. You can upload them from your computer, select them from your Media Library, or select them from an external source such as Google Photos or Pexels Free Photos. Once you’ve added images, you can use the block toolbar and the sidebar to add your customizations.

With the toolbar, you can use the change block type button to select the type of gallery you’d like to create. You can also change the block to one of the other image block types here.

The other buttons on the toolbar allow you to set the alignment for the gallery by selecting the appropriate option. You can use Edit to add and remove images.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-on-2019-01-07-at-15-40-09.png

You can deselect any you don’t want to include in the gallery by clicking on the X. Drag and drop the images to reorder.

Click Add to Gallery to add new images. When you’ve finished making changes to the images in the gallery, click Update gallery.

To position images within your gallery, you can click on an image within the block, and use the arrow buttons to move them:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tiled_gallery_move_image.png

Block Sidebar

In the Block sidebar, you can expand the Styles section to change the gallery type and assign link behavior in the Tiled gallery settings section:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tiled-gallery-block-settings.png


Tiled Gallery options do not appear, or do not display correctly
  • Go to Jetpack → Settings → Performance and make sure the Site Accelerator option is enabled.
  • Try switching to a different theme to check if your theme is conflicting with Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries.
  • Disable any other slideshow or gallery plugins to rule out a conflict.
  • Finally, if you use the Cleaner Gallery plugin or a theme including this functionality, you won’t be able to use the Tiled Gallery features on your site. To solve this conflict, you can install this small plugin to deactivate Cleaner Gallery.
How to display a single image in a gallery view

To make a single image on a post or page appear in a gallery view, edit the image and set the Link To display setting to “attachment page”. Now, when your image is clicked, it will appear in the gallery overlay view.

Missing Slideshow Option

If the Slideshow option is missing, go to Jetpack → Settings → Writing and make sure the Compose using shortcodes to embed media from popular sites option is enabled.

Define a specific width for your gallery

Tiled Galleries are built to fill your theme’s content width. You can define a specific $content_width value by adding the following code to your theme’s functions.php file:

if ( ! isset( $content_width ) ) {	
$content_width = 800;	

If you do not feel comfortable editing theme files, you can also use this plugin: Custom Content Width.
If your theme doesn’t define a content width, Tiled Galleries will default to 500px wide. You can read more about the Content Width theme feature here.
If your theme already defines a $content_width value, but you would like to use a different value for Tiled Galleries only, you can use the tiled_gallery_content_width filter.

Captions do not appear

The Tiled Gallery block doesn’t support captions (either per image or for the whole block) yet. Another alternative is to use the Classic block to add a Tiled Gallery which will allow you to add captions. There is more on how to do that here.

Privacy Information

When using the Tiled Gallery block, this feature is deactivated by default as it accompanies our Image CDN. It can be activated any time by toggling the Serve images from our servers setting in the Performance & speed section from Jetpack — Settings — Performance in your dashboard.

To use the feature using a Classic Block or Classic Editor plugin independently of the Image CDN, you can follow the guide here to make sure the Image CDN is deactivated and Tiled Galleries are activated.

More information about the data usage on your site
Data Used
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Activity Tracked
Site Owners / Users

If disconnecting from Google Photos, we track that Google Photos is being disconnected.

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Data Synced (Read More)
Site Owners / Users

We sync options that identify whether or not the feature is activated and how its available settings are configured.

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