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Jetpack VideoPress video stats

Check how popular your Jetpack VideoPress videos are, with Jetpack Stats.

Jetpack Stats, including video stats, are only available in the Jetpack plugin. If you’re using the individual VideoPress plugin and want stats for your videos, please install the Jetpack plugin as well.

Video views have their own section within the Jetpack Stats page under Jetpack > Stats in your WP Admin.

In both WP Admin and, video stats are on the Traffic tab.

You can also find Jetpack Stats on your Stats page on

Scroll down to find the video stats section.

Jetpack Stats dashboard, with 'Videos' highlighted in the bottom left corner.

Jetpack VideoPress videos on your site are listed by title, along with how many views a particular video has received.

  1. To view detailed stats for a video, click on the video’s title.
  2. Click on View details to view more detailed stats for all videos.
  • Impressions: The number of times a video was loaded on the page.
  • Hours watched: The total number of hours that the video has been watched by all viewers.
  • Views: The total number of how many times the video was played.

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