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Import from YouTube to VideoPress

This page explains how to easily transfer YouTube channel videos to VideoPress.

Getting Started

We recommend you perform the import from a Desktop Computer environment and on a fast internet connection due to the large size of video files. You should also make sure that Jetpack VideoPress is installed and activated on your site, otherwise you will not be able to import the videos to VideoPress.

Export Videos from YouTube

To export your YouTube videos, visit the data transfer page at You may need to log in or enter your Google/YouTube password again to visit that page.

You’ll be presented with a long list of Google products to export from. Since you only want to export your YouTube videos, click the “Deselect all” button:

Next, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and tick the box in the “YouTube and YouTube Music” section, then the “Next step” button.

You’ll then be presented with export options. We recommend choosing the “Send download link via email” option and a larger size for the Zip file:

Now you’ll need to wait for the link to arrive to your email. It can take from a few minutes to many hours (or days even) to receive the link, depending on the amount of videos in your channel. Once you receive the link, download the Zip file(s) to your device and double-click them to uncompress the videos. Your videos will be in a sub-folder, navigate to “Takeout” -> “YouTube and YouTube Music” -> “videos” to find them.

Import Videos to the WordPress Media Library

Next, visit your site’s media library (At {your-sites-domain}/wp-admin/upload.php), and drag and drop the videos you want to import directly into the browser window. You can multi-select files on your desktop by holding down the cmd or ctrl keys while clicking on the files. We recommend adding videos in groups of 10 or less so that you don’t overwhelm your browser or internet connection.

The videos will upload to your Media Library right away and VideoPress will convert them for optimal playback on your site!

Editing the Videos

After the upload completes you can edit the title, description and other details of the video by simply clicking on it in the media library.

Add Imported Videos to Posts

Now that you have imported your videos to the Media Library, you’re all set to add them to Posts using the Video Block. View the guide here for detailed instructions.

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