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Tock Block

The Tock Block allows you to embed a button on your website for restaurant bookings via Tock, providing a convenient reservation method for your visitors.

By utilizing the Tock Block, you can provide a seamless experience for your visitors to make reservations at your restaurant if you use Tock for your booking needs. This block can be an essential tool for restaurant owners looking to streamline their reservation process and increase customer engagement.

The Tock Block is a part of Jetpack and is activated by default. It does not require a paid upgrade to use.

Adding the Tock Block

You can add the Tock Block by clicking on the + Block Inserter icon and searching for “Tock”. Using your keyboard, you can also type /tock on a new line and press enter to add the block.

The Tock block can only be added once to a page or post. If you attempt to add it multiple times to the same post or page, it will appear disabled in the block menu. See Jetpack Blocks for detailed instructions on adding blocks.

Adding the Tock block
Adding the Tock block

Configuring the Tock Block

After inserting the Tock Block, you’ll need to enter your Tock business name in the provided field within the block settings.

Please note the following:

  • If the business name is left blank, the block will not be rendered to site visitors. Logged-in users with the edit_posts capability (usually Administrators, Editors, and Authors) will see a preview of the block with a notice that it will not be displayed to site visitors.
  • Currently, we are unable to validate business names, so please ensure you are entering your business name the same way you’ve entered it on the Tock platform.

Once the post or page is published and if the conditions above are met, the “Book now” button will be displayed on the page. When a user clicks the button, they will be able to make a reservation using the Tock booking widget.

Using the Tock widget to make a reservation
Using the Tock widget to make a reservation

If you have any questions about how Tock reservations are managed, see the Tock help center.


If the Tock Block is not working as expected, please verify the following:

  • Your Tock business name is entered correctly in the block settings.
  • The block is not displayed to site visitors if the business name is left blank. Ensure the business name is filled in for the block to render correctly.
  • Remember that you can only have one instance of the Tock Block on each post or page. If you have multiple instances, consider consolidating the information or spreading it across different pages.

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