Introducing Creative Mail for Jetpack

Relying solely on new traffic to your site isn’t enough. To sustain and grow your business, especially in the current, rapidly evolving eCommerce environment, you need to collect visitors’ information and connect with them regularly via email.

Creative Mail, a WordPress email marketing plugin built by Constant Contact, is designed to integrate closely with your site and WordPress Dashboard. Growing your email list and sending beautiful campaigns is faster and easier than ever. 

Jesse Friedman, Director of Innovation for Jetpack, says, “The team at Constant Contact has built Creative Mail from the ground up to be a WordPress-first email marketing service. Creative Mail directly integrates with Jetpack and WooCommerce to provide you a seamless marketing experience.” 

Now you can add a newsletter signup and opt-in functionality anywhere on your site with the Form Block.

adding a Newsletter Sign-up block to a page
Adding a Newsletter Sign-up block to a page in the WordPress editor

Easily create and reuse a Newsletter Sign-up form 

Add the Jetpack Newsletter Sign-up form to any post or page, customize it to fit your voice, and collect information vital to your blog or business. The form is pre-built and ready to go out-of-the-box so you can start collecting subscribers with just a few clicks. You can also modify each field, change form label text, and add or remove fields as needed. 

GIF of adding a newsletter sign-up form to a blog post
Adding a newsletter sign-up form to a blog post, click for a full-size image.

With the WordPress block editor, you can create reusable blocks or groups of blocks so you can spend more time writing, not building pages. Turn the Jetpack Newsletter Sign-up form into a reusable block to quickly duplicate it anywhere on your site. If edits are required, you won’t need to change every single block — just edit the reusable one and it will update throughout your website.

creating a newsletter sign-up block that's reusable
Creating a Newsletter Sign-up reusable block, click for a full-size image.

Combine this with the Repeat Visitor Block for an even more dynamic experience — show or hide your form based on how many times visitors have been to your site. If someone returns several times without registering, you could display a more direct request for subscription. 

Adding the Repeat Visitor block

Already have existing contact forms? You can now add an opt-in field to collect even more subscribers. Select an existing Jetpack form, click Add opt-in, and customize text and consent requirements as needed.  

integrating an email newsletter with a contact form
Adding an opt-in field to an existing contact form, click for a full-size image.

Try out the Newsletter Sign-up form

How does Jetpack’s new email subscription form work? The newsletter form below was created with the same technology you now have on your site.

Go ahead – try it out! 

Navigate through the sign-up process to see how it feels from a user’s standpoint. We’ve also added a return visitor form, which you can find by refreshing this page three times.

Submit this form with your name and email and we’ll email you updates regularly.

It’s just as easy for you to create and implement these forms from the block editor. All we had to do was add the block, create the form, and update this page!

You can also stay compliant with CAN-SPAM Act privacy requirements by using opt-in functionality. This sends an email to anyone who fills out your form and requires them to respond before being added to your list.

Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

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How to send your first emails

1. Select your Newsletter Sign-up Form block.

2. On the right, look for the newsletter integration panel. 

3. If Creative Mail isn’t installed, you’ll be prompted to install it, which will just take a few seconds. 

4. Once installed, choose to automatically sync or manually import your subscribers, as this screenshot shows:

syncing contacts from Jetpack Forms and WooCommerce
Syncing contacts from Jetpack Forms and WooCommerce

5. Creative Mail will guide you through the creation of stunning emails that work on any device. 

Your blog posts and WooCommerce products are automatically pulled in and suggested as email marketing content. This process would normally take a lot of time with other platforms, but not with Creative Mail! 

creating beautiful newsletters in Creative Mail
Creating beautiful newsletters with Creative Mail, click for a full-size image.

This means you can market directly to your growing email list and keep them informed and engaged, directly from your WordPress dashboard. See just how easy it is.

sending email campaigns
Sending email campaigns with Creative Mail, click for a full-size image.

Why Creative Mail?

Creative Mail was built specifically for WordPress by our trusted friends at Constant Contact. There’s no need for a contact sync plugin, API key, or SMTP server — you can access all email marketing functionality right from the WordPress dashboard. And since deliverability varies greatly across the email marketing landscape, it’s good to know that Constant Contact has an industry-leading 97% deliverability rate

An even brighter future

This is just the beginning! Adding Creative Mail now positions you for powerful updates that are just around the corner, including several tools that improve your WooCommerce store. You’ll soon be able to use email marketing to:

  • Create triggered, multi-step customer lifecycle marketing journeys.
  • Send WooCommerce abandoned cart emails.
  • Send post-purchase follow-up emails.
  • Send emails about related products. 
  • And much more!

As Curt Raffi, Senior VP of Product Innovation puts it:

“Creative Mail is all about helping WordPress and WooCommerce customers get more out of their websites and stores with simplified email marketing. Over the past four months, eCommerce has become core to small business survival, and Creative Mail is designed to enhance success. Creative Mail allows you to quickly build on-brand WooCommerce-triggered store emails. With our Jetpack integration, you can also easily market to site visitors right from your WordPress dashboard. 

Soon, we’ll add automated customer lifecycle marketing journeys that are geared toward more advanced marketers and eCommerce sellers, but like everything within Creative Mail, they’re super simple to implement.” 

Upgrade your customer email experience 

Email marketing is the easiest way to engage site visitors and grow your following — the Creative Mail integration makes all of this possible! Newsletter form blocks and related tools will help you add new leads, communicate with customers, increase loyalty, and make more sales, all from within the WordPress dashboard.

Creative Mail is free for up to 1,000 contacts or 5,000 sent emails per month. Paid plans start at just $2 per month.

Get started with Creative Mail.

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Rob is the Marketing Lead for Jetpack. He has worked in marketing and product development for more than 15 years, primarily at Automattic, Mailchimp, and UPS. Since studying marketing at Penn State and Johns Hopkins University, he’s focused on delivering products that delight people and solve real problems.

Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

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  1. imspotonit says:

    When jetpack is installed, and I go to my post link in admin, all my posted links are pulled to the left making it impossible to scroll to a particular post to make changes. How do I fix this


  2. Teep_P12/SupportSpike says:

    I’m having an issue creating a Creative Mail account. Haven’t had much luck yet with troubleshooting. Not exactly sure which team to contact for help. No one at Constant Contact seems to know about this product and the help section on the Creative Mail website seems to be missing a significant amount of content.


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