What are Offsite Backups & Why Use Them? (12 Advantages)

In the world of business, particularly in the digital realm, we’re not just storing office supplies and paper files. We’re guarding treasure chests full of digital data, sensitive information that forms the bedrock of our enterprise.

But, just as you wouldn’t bury treasure in your backyard, you shouldn’t store critical data only on your primary server. This is where the principle of offsite backups comes in.

What is an offsite backup?

In a world that’s rapidly going digital, data is the new gold. An offsite backup, then, is essentially a safe deposit box. It’s a copy of your data stored at a different location from your primary server. It could be another physical location, or, increasingly, it’s in the cloud.

Unlike the more traditional onsite backup, which replicates your data on a local server or device, an offsite backup ensures that a version of your data is stored at a different geographical location, safe from any calamities or security breaches that could affect your primary server.

Your WordPress site has a hosting provider that may offer backups. However, these are considered on-site since they’re hosted at the same place as your regular website files. If something happens, all of your data may be irrecoverable — your fortune gone. 

Why offsite backups are essential

Now you might wonder why you should even bother with offsite backups. You’ve got a reliable host and a strong password. Isn’t your data safe enough? 

Well, as we’re about to delve into, there are numerous reasons why this belief is, not only flawed, but potentially dangerous.

The digital landscape is fraught with risks, from natural disasters that can wipe out physical servers to cyber-attacks that can compromise your data integrity. These dangers pose a significant threat to your business continuity, especially if your primary server is your only line of defense.

Think you’re not a target? Cybercriminals often aren’t individually selecting which sites to attack. Instead, they use automated programs that look to exploit any weak site, and they use economies of scale to penetrate just a few of thousands of attempts to make massive gains. 

The role of offsite backups in a disaster recovery plan

A sound disaster recovery plan is like a well-rehearsed fire drill. You hope you’ll never need it, but when disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare. For websites, one of the central tenets of a good disaster recovery plan is offsite backups.

If your primary server is compromised, you can lean on your offsite backups to restore your website and ensure that your operations continue as smoothly as possible. It’s the digital equivalent of having a fireproof safe to protect your most important documents from a blaze.

The risks associated with a lack of offsite backups

Imagine you’re a skilled acrobat, performing breathtaking stunts high above the ground. Now imagine doing so without a safety net. Sounds terrifying, right? That’s what running a business without offsite backups is like.

The consequences could range from the inconvenient, such as delays in accessing your website, to the catastrophic, such as halted operations or a significant loss in revenue.

What does the ideal offsite backup solution look like?

We’ve established that offsite backups are crucial. But how do you choose an ideal solution for your business? The best offsite backup solution should offer you secure and robust storage, easy retrieval of your data, real-time updates, and scalability. Additionally, it should also offer remote management of your backups and a simplified process of restoring your data. Sound like a tall order? 

Jetpack VaultPress Backup plugin homepage

Let’s make it easier. Introducing Jetpack VaultPress Backup — a premier backup solution designed for WordPress sites. With VaultPress Backup, not only are you getting the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe and secure, you’re also getting a solution that’s specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your WordPress site. 

12 key advantages of using offsite backups

1. Peace of mind — Your data is safe in case of an onsite disaster

You’ve heard the stories. A server crash that wipes out months of hard work. A devastating natural disaster that destroys local data storage. Cybercriminals breaching defenses and holding valuable data for ransom. This stuff of nightmares is, unfortunately, a very possible reality in the digital world today.

But with offsite backups, you don’t have to worry. It’s a safety net that stands ready, offering assurance that should the worst happen, your data will be safe. With tools like VaultPress Backup, every change you make is stored in a safe location, ready to step in if disaster strikes.

2. Security — Keep your backups away from potential breaches

Cybersecurity threats are a significant concern in today’s digital landscape. The security of your data shouldn’t be something that keeps you awake at night. Offsite backups provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that even if your primary systems are compromised, your data remains secure. VaultPress Backup, for instance, encrypts your data during transmission and stores it in secure offsite locations, far from the prying eyes of cybercriminals.

3. Safeguard your data — Protect against accidental deletions

Ever deleted a file accidentally and wished you had a time machine? We’ve all been there. Accidental deletions are more common than you might think, and they can have catastrophic consequences. Offsite backups are like a digital time machine, enabling you to recover accidentally deleted data and get back on track. VaultPress Backup provides real-time backups, meaning every change is recorded — even those accidental deletions.

4. Easy retrieval — Access and restore backups from anywhere

You’re on vacation, and you get an urgent call — the website’s down, and they need it restored immediately. Is your day away ruined? Not if you have offsite backups. They can be accessed from anywhere, allowing you to retrieve and restore data whenever you need to.

option to restore a backup with Jetpack VaultPress Backup

5. Accessibility — Retrieve data even if the primary server is down

Imagine your primary server is down, and nobody can access your WordPress site. What do you do? With offsite backups, you’re covered. Even if your primary server faces downtime, you can access your offsite backups and retrieve the necessary data. A plugin service like VaultPress Backup ensures that your data is always available when you need it, irrespective of what happens to your primary server.

As a bonus, Jetpack’s full suite of WordPress tools include a downtime monitoring feature. So, you’ll know as soon as something is wrong and have the power to fix it from anywhere with just a few clicks. 

6. Time efficiency — Offsite backups can be performed automatically

Running a business is a juggling act, and time is one of the most valuable resources you have. Offsite backups can be set to run automatically, eliminating the need for manual backups that take up precious time. VaultPress Backup, for example, provides real-time automated backups stored on the cloud. You set it up once, and it takes care of the rest, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

7. Peaceful updating/testing — Confidently experiment with changes

Innovation is key to success in today’s fast-paced business world, but making changes to your website or testing new features can be risky without a safety net. Offsite backups allow you to confidently experiment and innovate, knowing you can restore your site to its previous state if necessary. VaultPress Backup keeps a detailed log of all changes, making it easy for you to undo any that don’t work out as planned.

activity log showing all the actions on a site

8. Scalability — Expand storage without affecting the primary server

As your business grows, so does your data. Offsite backups are an efficient way to manage this growth. They allow you to quickly and easily scale your storage capacity. 

9. Regulatory compliance — Meet data protection requirements

Many industries are required by law to have a certain level of data protection in place, which often includes offsite backups. By ensuring your data is securely backed up offsite, you can work towards maintaining compliance with these regulations.

10. Customer trust — Demonstrate reliability and show your clients their data is safe

A slow website annoys visitors and potential customers. A site that’s completely down? It wreaks of incompetence and not much sends them to a competitor faster. Be there when customers are looking for you with a continuity plan that includes easily-recoverable offsite backups.

Plus, having robust offsite backups in place, shows customers that you take their data security seriously, which builds trust in your business.

11. Business continuity — Keep your business running smoothly

In the event of a disaster, having offsite backups ensures that your business can continue to function. You can minimize downtime and disruption to your business operations. VaultPress Backup makes WordPress site recovery simple, fast, and efficient. 

12. Easy migration — Simplify website transfers to new environments

Picture this scenario. You’re poised to make a leap, set to transfer your website to a new hosting provider or perhaps a new domain. But the thought of the potential headaches involved makes you hesitate. We’ve been there. The truth is, migrating a website can be a daunting task, filled with uncertainties.

But with offsite backups, this process becomes a walk in the park. Your website’s data, safely stored in an offsite location, can be easily moved and re-deployed in a new environment, significantly simplifying the process. It’s like packing up your belongings from your old house (your existing server) that have been carefully cataloged and stored away, ready to be set up in your new home (the new server) — except all the heavy lifting has been taken care of for you. 

A deeper dive into VaultPress Backup

As a part of the Jetpack suite of plugins for WordPress sites, VaultPress Backup fills the universal need for a robust, easy-to-use offsite backup solution. 

Features and benefits of VaultPress Backup

VaultPress Backup is more than just an offsite backup solution. It’s a comprehensive WordPress site recovery tool that offers:

  • Real-time and automated backups.
  • Easy restoration of your site — even if you can’t access your dashboard.
  • A centralized place to manage backups.
  • Premium support from a team of WordPress experts.
  • High-grade security to protect your backups from threats.

How to configure VaultPress Backup on your WordPress site

Setting up VaultPress Backup on your WordPress site takes just a few simple steps:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins → Add New. Search for “Jetpack VaultPress Backup” and click Install now → Activate.
  2. In the new window that pops up, click Set up Jetpack.
  3. You’ll be prompted to connect to a WordPress.com account. You can either create a new one, or log into an existing profile. 
  4. Then, choose a VaultPress Backup plan based on your needs and set up your payment information.
Jetpack set up screen

And that’s it! Once VaultPress Backup is set up, you don’t need to worry about anything. Everything happens automatically, in real-time, and your backups are stored off-site in an ultra-secure cloud. And the Jetpack support team is always on standby to help you out.

Frequently asked questions regarding offsite backups

Onsite vs offsite backups — what’s the difference?

Onsite backups involve storing copies of your data on your local devices or server, while offsite backups store copies of your data at a different location from your primary server. In other words, offsite backups shield your data even if something happens to your primary server, giving you an additional layer of protection.

Why are offsite backups important for my website?

Offsite backups are vital for your website because they protect your data and content from a multitude of risks, including physical damage to cyber threats. Having a copy of your website stored off site ensures that you can get it back up and running quickly if your server is ever compromised.

How do offsite backups help in a disaster recovery scenario?

In a disaster recovery scenario, offsite backups act as your fail-safe. They allow you to restore your website quickly and continue operations, minimizing downtime and data loss. 

What key advantages do offsite backups offer compared to onsite backups?

Offsite backups offer several advantages over onsite backups, including added security, accessibility, scalability, and help to comply with regulatory standards. They also provide a safety net in case of damage or security breaches to your primary server or local device.

What differentiates VaultPress Backup from other offsite backup solutions?

VaultPress Backup stands out from other solutions due to its seamless integration with WordPress, user-friendly management dashboard, high-grade security, and exceptional support. 

One of the key highlights is that all backups are taken in real time, so every single change that happens on your website — from updated pages to published posts and customer orders — is always available in case of emergency.

How secure are my backups with VaultPress Backup?

VaultPress Backup uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect your backups. From encrypted transmission to secure storage, Jetpack goes the extra mile to ensure your backups are secured from threats. Your WordPress backups are safe with Jetpack VaultPress Backup.

How frequently should I schedule offsite backups?

For maximum data protection, you should create offsite backups in real-time. VaultPress Backup makes this possible, ensuring that every change you make to your site is immediately backed up.

Where can I find more resources or support for using VaultPress Backup?

For more resources or support on using VaultPress Backup, you can check out the comprehensive support documentation or reach out to Jetpack’s expert support team who are always ready to help.

laptop sitting on a table

Jetpack VaultPress Backup: Real-time, offsite backups for WordPress

In an ideal world, you’d never need to restore a backup. But the reality is that there are a variety of reasons you might have to, from a hacked website to a coding mistake.

Jetpack VaultPress Backup was designed to offer real-time, offsite backups for WordPress sites. So, whether you own a small business, an ecommerce store, a blog, or an enterprise company, VaultPress Backup provides a secure, easy-to-use, and robust offsite backup solution that gives you peace of mind.

From disaster recovery to easy data retrieval and beyond, offsite backups are not just a good-to-have feature for businesses; they’re an absolute necessity. It’s the digital safety net that keeps your business running smoothly, safeguards your website content and data, and keeps you sleeping well at night.

So, take the leap towards securing your website’s future with offsite backups. 

Discover the full list of benefits VaultPress Backup offers here: https://jetpack.com/upgrade/backup/

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