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If you’re a realtor, you’re probably familiar with this situation: you’re out on a site visit, taking calls from potential home buyers, and preparing for several open houses. With all the real estate business details you have to keep track of on a daily basis, you don’t want to worry about your website, too!

Fortunately, Jetpack allows realtors to conveniently manage their properties, provide relevant information to prospective clients, and increase potential leads.

Here’s how you can use Jetpack for everything from picking real estate WordPress themes, to managing different aspects of your website on-the-go.

Starter themes for your realtor website

It’s better to get your realtor website started (and figure it out as you go) than to put it off indefinitely. Starter real estate WordPress themes can make your business appear professional from the get-go, at no additional cost.

Once you install Jetpack, you’ll have access to more than 100 free starter themes, regardless of which plan you choose.

Browse hundreds of themes for your real estate website

Premium real estate WordPress themes

A library of professionally developed, high-performance WordPress real estate themes that include advanced customization options is also available for Jetpack Professional plan users. Since many people start out using the free WordPress themes, taking advantage of the unique premium themes is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and elevate your real estate business’s branding.

A Professional plan includes access to more than 200 premium themes that you would otherwise be paying for, as premium themes can cost up to $125. There’s a wide variety of responsive, feature-filled themes that make it possible to switch up your website design as often as you want.

Gallery and slideshow tools

Every great realtor knows that words can endear buyers to a property, but it’s the visuals that really sell it.

Use Galleries to display multiple property views in a stylish manner. After you add images, you can customize your gallery’s look and feel in various styles (Tiles, Square Tiles, Circles, or as a Slideshow) using the Tiled Gallery feature.

Create a gallery to show off your properties

Related Posts

Creating content is hard, but effectively promoting it might be even more challenging. Writing blog posts about industry trends, up and coming events, and popular neighborhoods for families can establish yourself as an expert, while encouraging readers to further explore your website.

Get more from the blog posts that you work so hard to create by using Related Posts. By enabling this tool, visitors will be presented with additional related content to read at the end of each post. It’s a great way to keep visitors engaged and can also help to build their trust in your expertise.

Post by Email

You don’t have to log into WordPress to write and publish new content. As a busy realtor, you need the ability to craft content whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Post by Email is ideal for those who always have their phones on them, but tend to keep their computers at home. It’s not just for drafting. You can use this tool to fully format and publish new posts on-the-go!

Post by email on the go with Jetpack

Search engine optimization (SEO)

By subscribing to a Jetpack Premium or Professional plan, you’ll have access to a number of useful SEO tools that will help you rank optimally in relevant searches. Ultimately, this can help to drive more visitors to your website.

Here are a few of the most popular and useful SEO features that Jetpack offers realtors:

Custom titles

One of the most popular ways to choose page titles is using a combination of the page (or post) name and the website’s name or tagline.

Jetpack makes it easier to set custom titles for various aspects of your realtor website, from your front page, to individual posts, and even archive pages. This comes in handy if you want to highlight specific details within a property’s title, such as its city or neighborhood, or its number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The best part is that no custom coding is required, so you can keep focusing on what you do best without needing to learn how to code.

Custom metadata tools

If you don’t specify (or manually code) a meta description, search engines like Google scan the first few lines of your content for its algorithm to use instead. This doesn’t do you any favors from a content marketing perspective: failure to customize your metadata means missing the chance to effectively tease your content to potential site visitors.

Customizable metadata also includes the ability to add relevance for the local community that you serve. By adding location specifics to your meta titles and descriptions, you’ll be able to make your results look more attractive and your pages more descriptive, which will entice more people to click through to your site.

Set custom metadata for your website

From web design to SEO, Jetpack is an invaluable tool

Jetpack provides realtors with a wide-range of tools to help you manage, promote, and grow your business. In many cases, these features can even be accessed from your mobile devices. Add them to your virtual toolbox today to connect your real estate business to your local community.

Do you use Jetpack to improve your real estate website? What are some of your favorite features?

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