WordPress Backup Services: How to Choose the Best Solution

WordPress has built a strong reputation of trust, ease, and adaptability, cementing its role as the backbone of countless websites. But even the most stable platforms aren’t immune to issues.

The reality is that site owners can make mistakes, websites can be hacked, and servers can crash. And if any of these things happen, you could experience downtime, hassle, stress, compromised data, lost sales, and more.

But this is where a WordPress backup service can save the day. While insurance can help compensate you for a loss, it can’t change whatever hiccup caused the damage. The right WordPress backup plugin allows you to essentially go back in time and return things to the way they were before, before anything went wrong. 

But how do you choose the best solution? 

The importance of a reliable WordPress backup service

We often get caught in a false sense of security — the “It won’t happen to us!” mentality. That is until, of course, it does. 

A server crash, a cyberattack, or a simple error can turn your busy WordPress site into a ghost town. But when something goes wrong, a WordPress backup service allows you to roll back the clock, restoring your site to a time when all was well.

A reliable backup service isn’t just a contingency plan; it’s your peace of mind. It safeguards your hard work, your customer data, and your digital presence. It’s your assurance that, despite what may come, your website will endure. 

Working from home with the assurance that, despite what may come, your website will endure. 

Key considerations for choosing a WordPress backup solution

When it comes to choosing a WordPress backup solution, your unique requirements need to guide your decision-making process. But how do you know what to look for? We’ve organized the myriad of factors into eight key considerations that should help.

1. Backup method: automated vs. manual

You might think you’re saving money by opting for manual backups, but they’re not worth the savings. Manual backups require your time, and time, as you know, is money. Moreover, they demand constant attention and, if missed, can leave your site vulnerable.

On the other hand, an automated backup solution ensures your site is backed up regularly without your active involvement. This allows you to focus on what really matters — growing your business.

If you almost never create new posts or pages, accept form submissions, or update content, you may be okay to choose a manual method. For the majority of sites, however, automatic WordPress backups are the way to go. 

2. Backup frequency: real-time vs. scheduled vs. manual

The frequency of backups is a vital aspect to consider. Are real-time backups necessary for your business, or would daily or weekly backups suffice? Real-time backups mean that your site data is backed up immediately whenever changes are made, ensuring you never lose a bit of your work. These are absolutely critical for any website that regularly publishes blog posts, receives form submissions, or accepts ecommerce orders. 

Scheduled backups — whether daily or weekly — provide a regular snapshot of your site. If your site isn’t updated frequently, this might be an acceptable solution. Manual backups, on the other hand, give you full control but demand the highest level of attention and are completely dependent on how often you’re available to perform the task.

For the majority of websites, real-time backups will be the best and most secure option to safeguard your hard work.

Server Center - the location of your backup storage can make all the difference when disaster strikes.

3. Data storage location

The location of your backup storage can make all the difference when disaster strikes. Backups stored on your server are certainly better than nothing, but they share the same risks as your website. If your server goes down or is compromised, you lose your backups.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, provides an extra layer of security by storing your backups offsite. Traditionally, the choice came down to a trade-off between convenience and security. But recent tools like Jetpack VaultPress Backup are so easy to integrate that you can benefit from convenience without sacrificing security. 

4. Storage security and data encryption

Not all storage is created equal, especially when it comes to security. A backup solution that doesn’t offer robust security measures is like a bank without vaults. It’s essential to ensure your backup tool offers solid security measures, including data encryption, to keep your files and data away from prying eyes.

5. Ease of restoring a backup

When your site goes down, time is of the essence. You need a backup solution that makes restoring your site as easy as possible. Some options can get you back online with a single click, while others might require you to go through complex procedures, often under stressful circumstances. You don’t want to be waiting through a long support chat queue while your site’s in distress.

6. Scalability for growing websites

As your presence grows, your website will too. You’ll add more content, get more traffic, or expand your commerce activities. It’s important to choose a backup solution that can grow with your site so, once it’s set up, you don’t have to ever worry about it again.

7. Compatibility with WordPress versions and plugins

Imagine buying a jigsaw puzzle only to discover the pieces don’t fit together. That’s what it’s like when your backup solution isn’t compatible with your WordPress version or the plugins you use. Ensuring compatibility is crucial to avoid unexpected surprises down the road.

For example, if you’re running WordPress Multisite, verify that the backup plugin you choose is compatible with that type of installation.  

Review the popularity, update frequency, and reviews of potential backup plugins. This should give you an idea of how reliable the solution is and how attentive its developers are to potential conflicts between software versions. 

Learn more about how to choose the best WordPress plugins for your site

8. Complexity

Some backup solutions require a level of technical expertise that goes beyond the reach of most website owners. These solutions might offer more customizability, but they could also leave you reliant on a developer for setup and management. 

Conversely, user-friendly solutions are designed with the average person in mind, making it easy to set up and manage backups without a costly developer. 

So, what’s the best WordPress backup solution?

An ideal backup solution is one that combines the best of these features — a solution that offers automated, real-time backups. One that stores your data securely offsite, yet allows for easy restoration. One that’s built by reliable developers who support integrations with the majority of popular plugins and can quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Enter Jetpack VaultPress Backup: real-time, disaster-proof backups

From the people behind WordPress.com comes a backup solution built with the same philosophy of simplicity, accessibility, and reliability — VaultPress Backup. Picture this: your own personal vault, tucked safely away in the digital clouds, holding all of your precious website data, ready to be unlocked at a moment’s notice. That’s the essence of VaultPress.

Enter Jetpack VaultPress Backup: real-time, disaster-proof backups.

Overview of Jetpack VaultPress Backup

Jetpack developed VaultPress Backup with every type of WordPress site owner in mind. The goal was to provide a way to easily safeguard your WordPress site and restore it without any advanced technical knowledge.

VaultPress Backup saves every single change that happens on your site in real time, keeping it safe on secure cloud servers, and making it readily available if you ever need to restore a backup.

It even has an activity log, so you can identify the exact point in time that issues occurred and restore to just moments before that action took place. 

Features and benefits of Jetpack VaultPress Backup

1. Real-time backups

VaultPress Backup captures every change on your site as it happens. So whether you’re updating a post or adding a new product, you can rest easy knowing that every change is safely stored. 

This even includes WooCommerce orders. And, if you have to restore a backup, all of your orders will be saved — no matter when they took place — so things can keep running smoothly. 

2. Ultra-secure offsite cloud storage

With VaultPress Backup, your files aren’t just stored anywhere. They’re tucked away in secure, offsite cloud storage. The digital vault is armored against threats, ensuring your data is safe and sound.

3. A one-click restore process

If you ever need to restore your site, VaultPress Backup makes it as simple as a mouse click. VaultPress Backup’s one-click restore feature is your express ticket back to normalcy, minimizing downtime and keeping your digital presence intact. You can even restore a backup if your site is completely down, and take advantage of the Jetpack mobile app if you’re on the go.

4. Cost-effective pricing options

Jetpack believes that peace of mind shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why pricing plans were crafted with small- and medium-sized organizations in mind. With VaultPress Backup, you’re not just buying a service, you’re investing in reliability, security, and peace of mind.

5. Built by leading WordPress experts

Who better to trust your site with than the folks who know WordPress inside out? VaultPress Backup is built by the same team behind WordPress.com, ensuring seamless integration, top-notch compatibility, and continued updates.

6. Easy and fast to set up

With VaultPress Backup, you won’t need to hire a developer or spend hours reading through a complex manual. The setup process is straightforward and user-friendly. And if you ever need assistance, Jetpack’s customer support team is always ready to help.

How to set up VaultPress Backup on your WordPress site

Setting up VaultPress Backup is a breeze. It’s a matter of a few clicks and entering a bit of information. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins → Add New. Search for “Jetpack VaultPress Backup,” then click Install Now → Activate.

Jetpack VaultPress Backup in the WordPress Plugin Repository

2. A new screen will appear asking you to set up Jetpack VaultPress Backup. Click the Set up Jetpack button.

Jetpack VaultPress Setup Prompt - Click the Set up Jetpack button.

3. On the next screen, click Approve to connect your site to an existing WordPress.com account or create a new one. 

Approve to connect your site to an existing WordPress.com account or create a new one. 

4. Then, choose a VaultPress Backup plan based on the needs of your site. Complete the purchase process. Your first backup will begin automatically.

Pricing - choose a VaultPress Backup plan based on the needs of your site.

It’s as simple as that. No coding, no complex configuration — just straightforward, reliable backups.

Comparing VaultPress Backup to other WordPress backup solutions

In the sea of backup solutions, VaultPress Backup shines like a lighthouse, guiding you safely through the storm. But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to compare it to other WordPress backup solutions. 

You’ll find that when it comes to real-time backups, secure offsite storage, one-click restoration, scalability, and overall reliability, VaultPress stands tall and proud. For a detailed, side-by-side look, check our comprehensive post: A Comparison of the Best Backup Plugins for WordPress.

Frequently asked questions about WordPress backup services.

Frequently asked questions about WordPress backup services

What is Jetpack VaultPress Backup, and why choose it as my WordPress backup service?

VaultPress Backup is a real-time backup and security scanning service designed and built by Automattic, the same people who are behind WordPress.com and contribute to the WordPress open source project. Choosing VaultPress Backup means investing in a reliable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use backup solution for your WordPress site.

How does VaultPress Backup differ from other WordPress backup solutions?

VaultPress stands out with its real-time backup capability, secure offsite storage, one-click restore feature, and seamless WordPress integration. It’s a robust, reliable, and comprehensive solution for WordPress site backups.

Is VaultPress Backup suitable for small and large WordPress sites?

Absolutely. VaultPress is built to scale with your site, whether you’re running a small blog or a large ecommerce store. Jetpack offers plans that cater to different needs, ensuring you pay only for what you use.

It’s important to note, however, that Jetpack VaultPress Backup does not currently support WordPress Multisite.

How often does VaultPress Backup back up my WordPress site?

Jetpack VaultPress Backup performs real-time backups, meaning it records changes to your site as they happen. You can rest easy knowing that every update, every post, every comment, and every order is backed up immediately.

What does “real-time backups” mean?

“Real-time backups” means that Jetpack VaultPress Backup saves changes to your site as they happen. Whether you publish a new post or receive a new comment, it’s saved immediately.

Are my backups secure and protected with VaultPress Backup?

Yes. VaultPress Backup stores your backups in secure, offsite cloud storage. Additionally, the storage system is built to be resilient against hardware faults and cyber threats.

How long does VaultPress Backup store my backups?

VaultPress Backup stores your backups based on the plan you’ve chosen, and the storage space used by your site. You can choose a plan that stores for up to 30 days or even a full year. For more information, check out our detailed documentation.

How do I restore a WordPress backup created by VaultPress backup?

Restoring your site from a VaultPress backup is as simple as clicking a button. You can restore your site to the time of a particular event in the activity log or to a specific day. Either way, it just requires clicking a button and waiting for the restore process to complete. You can view the full documentation here.

Does Jetpack VaultPress Backup save only my database or files as well?

VaultPress Backup saves both your database and the files that make your site unique. This includes everything necessary to restore your website in case you ever need to. Learn more about what VaultPress Backup does and does not save

Will using VaultPress Backup slow down my WordPress site?

VaultPress Backup is designed to work in the background, saving copies of your site without impacting its performance. However, to make the most of the tool, make sure that you add server credentials to your settings. This allows your backups to run as efficiently as possible, plus ensures that you’re ready to restore a backup the second you need to.

Can an agency use VaultPress Backup to back up its clients’ WordPress sites?

Yes, agencies can definitely use VaultPress Backup to back up client sites. Jetpack has a dedicated Jetpack Agency program designed specifically for this. Learn how one agency has streamlined their recurring maintenance programs through Jetpack. 

Jetpack Testimonial from Author Tim Ferris - "Millions of people depend on my site, and downtime isn't an option..."

Jetpack VaultPress Backup: The most proven backup service for WordPress

The value of your WordPress site extends beyond the bits and bytes that form its digital structure. It’s a collection of your hard work, dedication, creative expression, and professional growth. It’s your digital home. Safeguarding it should be a priority. 

VaultPress Backup offers real-time, cloud-based backups, making sure that every change, every update, every comment, and every order on your site is immediately backed up. And in the event of a site crash, the one-click restore feature enables you to get your site up and running again in no time. 

VaultPress Backup is the most proven WordPress backup plugin, with over 269 million backups over the last ten years. If you want the best for your website and business, then you’ll love what VaultPress Backup has to offer: https://jetpack.com/upgrade/backup/

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