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Getting ready for your big day is stressful enough without worrying about how to create a wedding website. But you probably still do want to have one, right?

Creating a website dedicated to your wedding is a great way to show off your personality, keep guests informed, and share memorable moments from the ceremony and reception.

The good news is that, with the right tools, creating a wedding website can be a piece of cake. And Jetpack offers the features that you need to get started.

Today, we’ll walk through a few Jetpack themes designed specifically to help the betrothed create perfect wedding websites, plus one tool you’ll love for collecting gifts from your guests.

Three stylish wedding website themes

There are invitations to mail, cake samples to try, and flowers to pick out. You don’t really have the time to design a wedding website from scratch.

Don’t worry, as a Jetpack user, you won’t have to. You automatically have access to more than 100 free, ready-made themes to choose from. Professional plan users can also select from 200 additional themes that boast enhanced features as well.

To help you avoid option overload, we’ve selected three particularly wedding-worthy themes that include mobile responsive layouts. This way, your wedding website will look great whether your guests view it on mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers.


Click or tap to view at full size

Aptly named, Wedding offers an elegant platform designed for sharing photos, videos, and memorable moments with family and friends. Wedding is the perfect theme to use in the following situations:

  • Displaying important information at-a-glance. Wedding’s layout includes a spot in the footer area of every page that makes it easier for guests to quickly find critical details, such as the venue address, contact information, and things to do in the area.
  • Presenting the couple. The homepage of this theme features an area created especially for portraits of you and your love, along with your names and short introductions.
  • Introducing your wedding party. In addition to the standard layout options, Wedding includes specially-designed templates meant to feature your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Additional theme features:

  • RSVP. Forms gives you the ability to add an RSVP or contact form directly to your site. This way, you can skip the stamps and reply cards and allows your guests to respond digitally.
  • Countdown timer. Get your attendees excited by telling them exactly how much time is left — right down to the second — until the big event, using the Milestone Widget.
  • Guestbook. Have friends and family sign your digital guestbook using the comments feature. This is especially handy for guests who may be unable to attend your wedding but still want to send their best wishes.


Click or tap to view at full size

Affinity is a one-page theme designed to help you share important wedding details, from event information, to registry links and RSVP forms. Affinity is perfect for:

  • Announcements. If you don’t want or need an entire website to let your loved ones know that you’re getting hitched, Affinity’s one-page layout is a great alternative.
  • Showcasing photography. Shine a spotlight on your favorite engagement photos with Affinity’s widescreen display format. Additionally, WordPress lets you adjust the opacity of the header image for better contrast with text.
  • Simplicity. This minimalistic theme is designed to highlight 3-5 featured photos and the essential details of your wedding — no fuss, just the facts.

Additional theme features:

  • Scrolling images. Featured photos include a scrolling effect that visually ties each panel together. Check out the theme demo to see it in action.
  • Guestbook template. Highlight your visitors’ comments with a specially-designed template.
  • Social links. Social Media Icons are an easy way to encourage your site visitors to follow your wedding updates on your personal social media accounts.


Click or tap to view at full size

Sophisticated and sleek, Luxury offers rich layouts that let you showcase engagement photos and share the story of your relationship with loved ones. Luxury is a great choice if you appreciate the following elements:

  • Typography. Those who value the finer presentation details will also welcome the care put into the typography and layout of this theme.
  • Engagement photos. Give your images the space they deserve by displaying a different wide-format, high-resolution image on each page of your site. If you have a lot of photos that deserve attention, you might also create a stunning Portfolio to display multiple galleries.
  • Blogging. Get your attendees invested in your journey by blogging about the events leading up to your big day. If you blog along the way, you can also reminisce about these moments on your anniversaries in the future.

Additional theme features:

  • Custom logo. If you have a unique logo for your wedding, Luxury places it in the center of the page, distinguishing your once-in-a-lifetime event.
  • Landing page. If you need a placeholder page but aren’t ready to unveil your full website just yet, Luxury includes a custom landing page template that enables you to publish just the pertinent details of your event before launching your full site.
  • Multiple color options. The default color palette for Luxury combines rich, dark tones with gold highlights. If you like the theme’s layout, but think that different hues would suit you better, you can choose from additional color schemes with the click of a button.

Make gift-giving convenient for everyone

Finally, what if you could do something that would both save your friends and family a trip to the store to purchase wedding gifts while reducing the amount of time you spend returning duplicate gifts?

Jetpack makes things simpler for you and your attendees through the Simple Payment Button. This tool adds a secure and convenient way for your guests to gift you directly via your PayPal account.

Simple Payment button for WordPress

The Simple Payment Button works with each theme mentioned above, plus any other theme you may choose (or design yourself).

Say “I do!” to a wedding site with WordPress and Jetpack

With WordPress and Jetpack, the tools that you need to create the perfect wedding website are at your disposal. Try out elegant themes, allow your guests to RSVP online, share memories leading up to the big day, and more.

Did we spark any ideas for your wedding website? Which theme will you say “I do” to? Leave a comment or link to your wedding website created with Jetpack below!

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Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

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  1. pnaw10 says:

    As a wedding DJ, I think this is a great idea that I’d love to share with my customers. However, just a tiny issue I noticed: whenever I tried to click on any of the screenshots to view them at full-size, it just reloaded the post, rather than showing me the image. Using Firefox 61 on Windows 10.


    • Nicole Kohler says:

      Howdy! Thanks so much for letting us know about this.

      I made a quick change to the links to the full size images — would you mind trying to view them again and commenting if the issue persists? (You might have to clear your browser cache first, which you can do in Firefox by visiting History > Clear Recent History.)

      Thanks again 🙂


    • Nicole Kohler says:

      Oh, and you can always click on the names of the themes to see live previews on your site or demos instead!


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