Jetpack Partners

Hosting Partnerships

Jetpack augments WordPress core by providing the tools everyone needs to build, manage and secure their websites.

Benefits and Value

Join forces with Jetpack to unlock incredible advantages for your hosting company. Jetpack partnerships deliver on customer retention, enriched hosting plans, and exceptional revenue opportunities.

Jetpack’s high customizability offers smaller, separate plugins catering to diverse needs, while our flexible configurations enable crafting a tailor‑made Jetpack solution.

Furthermore, co‑branding Jetpack communications bolster your brand’s reputation, reminding customers who delivered these outstanding benefits.

World‑class Products and Services

Chop down churn with Jetpack.

Our partners see a 20% decrease in churn by bundling Jetpack for their customers.

Your customers will value the convenience of pre‑enabled Jetpack features, as it provides them with the complete WordPress experience they anticipated.

This includes core functionalities, statistics, contact forms, security and performance enhancements, design tools, and an array of additional features.

Decrease time‑to‑live by as much as 400%.

Are your customers churning from the hassle that comes with finding, installing, and learning how to use multiple plugins for your website?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – it can be overwhelming!

Our testing has shown that Jetpack users launch their sites much faster because most of the features they expect from WordPress come packaged with Jetpack under a single UI, supported by a single global support team.

Jetpack customers are sticky customers.

As a hosting company, your customers’ success is your success. By partnering with Jetpack, you can become an integral part of their journey and provide them with the best Jetpack experience available.

With our powerful tools and streamlined processes, your customers can skip the tedious tasks of installation, configuration, and setup, and instead focus on what matters most: launching and growing their business.

It’s not just about the ease of use. As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to co‑brand communications and UI with Jetpack, reminding your customers of the great features you provide together.

Increase your share‑of‑wallet.

As a hosting company, you’re always looking to increase your share‑of‑wallet with your customers. With Jetpack, you can do just that.

Our suite of security, performance, and growth tools is exactly what your customers need, and they’re going to research and purchase these services anyway.

So why not bundle Jetpack and provide your customers with a unified, integrated experience that they’ll appreciate?

And you’ll benefit too, by sharing in the dollars your customers are already spending on these essential services. It’s a triple win that’s hard to beat.

Add value to your managed WordPress offering. 

Looking to widen your funnels and attract customers who want a more completely managed WordPress experience?

By bundling our suite of Security, Performance, and Growth tools, you can effectively increase sales while preserving your margins.

Using our API, you can easily provision these plans to work immediately out‑of‑the‑box.

This means your customers can skip the tedious configuration and setup steps and get right to work, saving them time and frustration.

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