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Jetpack augments WordPress core by providing the tools everyone needs to build, manage and secure their websites.

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Elevate your hosting services by partnering with Jetpack, offering your clients an all‑in‑one solution for their WordPress needs.



Effortless Protection: Secure your WordPress sites with VaultPress Backups

Experience ultimate peace of mind with VaultPress Backup, the most proven WordPress backup plugin, creating 269 million site backups over the last decade.

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Uncompromising Security: Protect your business with Jetpack’s site security tools

Jetpack Protect offers comprehensive WordPress site protection, including malware scanning, database scanning, vulnerability scanning, complete with a Web Application Firewall (WAF), so you can focus on running your business.

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Brute-force protection

Fortify Your WordPress Sites Against Brute Force Attacks

Jetpack’s advanced security tools defend your WordPress sites from brute force attacks by automatically blocking malicious IPs and safeguarding your content and data.

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Eliminate comment and form spam while increasing conversions.

Automatically clear spam from comments and forms to save time, boost visitor engagement, and create a seamless user experience.

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Supercharge Your WordPress Sites with Effortless Speed Optimization

Jetpack Boost enhances your clients’ sites performance with the simplicity of a few clicks, resulting in improved SEO and faster loading times.

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Free Image and Asset CDN

Supercharge Your Sites with Jetpack’s Unbeatable WordPress CDN

Jetpack’s WordPress CDN optimizes your sites’ images and serves them along with static files from a global network of servers, resulting in faster page loads for your clients’ visitors.

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Elevate Your clients’ WordPress Videos with Unrivaled Hosting and Control

VideoPress offers the finest video hosting experience for WordPress users, ensuring high‑quality, lightning‑fast playback without intrusive ads or off‑site redirects.

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Site Search

Enhance User Experience with Jetpack’s Powerful Search

Jetpack Search provides an incredibly customizable and powerful search experience, helping your visitors find exactly what they need in no time.

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Streamline Social Sharing with Jetpack Social

Effortlessly share your clients’ website content across all your social media channels with Jetpack Social, the hub that powers over 1 million posts shared daily.

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Empower Your Clients’ Businesses with Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM offers a customizable, modular solution to help you nurture contacts and grow businesses. Easily manage leads, sales, and revenue with simplicity and scalability.

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Site Stats

Harness Your Clients’ Site Growth with Jetpack Stats

Jetpack Stats provides simple yet powerful insights, trusted by over 14.5 million users, to help your clients’ understand their audiences and grow their sites.

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Ignite Your Clients’ Content with Jetpack Promotions

Turbocharge content reach by promoting it across millions of sites in the and Tumblr ad network, engaging daily visitors from around the world.

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