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Credentials Instructions from Popular Hosts

Below you can view the instructions for obtaining your server credentials from several popular hosts.

If you don’t see your host below, contact them directly. If you are unsure about any of this information, please contact your hosting provider directly.

If your host is not listed here, or if you’re having any problems, please contact them directly to ask for assistance. When you reach out to your hosting provider, you can share the following with them:

I’m in the process of setting up my site on Jetpack VaultPress Backup, and I need server credentials to enter into the plugin so that it can perform backups and restores on my website. Could you help me determine the correct information for the following items:

  • Protocol: FTP is fine, but SSH or SFTP would be ideal.
  • User: The user needs to have read and write permissions for my site’s files on the server. More on why VaultPress Backup needs read and write permissions can be found here.
  • Password: If using SSH credentials, this password is optional.
  • Host/IP Address: If my site uses Cloudflare, I require the IP address for the server my site is located on, otherwise the URL that points to my site on the server is fine.
  • Port: Should the port be 21, 22 or something else?
  • SSH Private Key: If using SSH, the SSH private key cannot be password protected and must use OpenSSH format. Password protected private keys and/or keys in PuTTY format are not supported.
  • WordPress Path: The WordPress path should point to the folder on the server where my WordPress instance lives.
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