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Cookies & Consent Banner

This widget was formerly known as the EU Cookie Law Widget.

The European Union’s ePrivacy Directive (often referred to as the ‘cookie law’) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) place requirements on website owners and operators to provide information about, and gain consent for their use of cookies.

To help WordPress users in Europe who wish to comply with the regulations, and for any site owner who wants to provide additional cookie information to visitors, we have created a widget that can be enabled from Jetpack Settings.

WordPress and Jetpack-powered sites make use of cookies for a variety of purposes. For more information, please refer to our dedicated cookie documentation, as well as the Automattic Cookie Policy.

Enabling the Widget

The Extra Sidebar Widgets feature is required and is not enabled by default. If you do not see the functionality described below, please visit Control Jetpack’s Features on One Page to learn how to activate it.

You can add the widget — titled Cookies & Consents Banner (Jetpack) — via Appearance — Widgets in your dashboard. It can be added to any widget position, and the banner will display at the bottom of the screen when the site is loaded.

Note: The banner will only appear on posts or pages on your site that display the widget area to which you add the widget. To display the banner on the front page of your site, be sure to add the widget to a widget area that appears in that location. This will be dictated by your theme.

Widget Features & Options

  • Banner text — The banner will display a default cookie notification message, which can be customized to your needs or liking.
  • Privacy Policy Link — The link to your site’s privacy policy. If available on your site, this will default to the URL of your Privacy Policy page. If no such page is available, it will default to, the Automattic Cookie Policy, which covers Jetpack. If you wish to link to any different URL, you can select the Custom URL option and add it.
  • Link text – The text of the link pointing to your site’s privacy policy (see Privacy Policy Link above). The default text is Cookie Policy.
  • Button text – The text of the button that users will click to accept and dismiss the cookie notice. The default text is Close and accept.
  • Capture consent & hide the banner — The banner’s dismissal rule can be set to one of three options:
    • When a visitor specifically clicks on the button (this option is required for sites running WordAds), or;
    • When a visitor scrolls down the page, or;
    • After an amount of time that you specify. If choosing to dismiss the banner after a specific amount of time, the minimum length is 3 seconds, and the maximum length is 1,000.
  • Consent expires after — Once your banner is accepted/hidden by your visitor, a technical cookie named eucookielaw is set, which prevents it from being displayed until the acceptance/consent expires. Once expired, the banner will show again to the visitor, and they will have another opportunity to accept it. The default value is 180 days.
  • Color scheme — Display the banner using a dark or light palette. The relevant CSS selector is #eu-cookie-law, if you wish to customize its appearance further.
  • Position — Display the banner at the top part of the screen, or at the bottom (which is the default value.)

In addition to this widget, you may wish to add a link (to your menu or elsewhere) to the Jetpack cookie documentation and/or the Automattic Cookie Policy.

Creating Your Own Privacy Policy

If you want to include Jetpack features in your own privacy policy, you can use our helper tool to generate this information.

For Sites Enrolled in WordAds

If your site is enrolled in WordAds, an additional technical cookie named personalized-ads-consent will be set, following the expiration rule you designated in the widget settings. This allows personalized ad content to be served to the accepting visitor.

Full-Site Editing Themes

Full-site editing themes have a Cookie and Consent Block.

Important Notice

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the relevant applicable laws in your jurisdiction. This widget is designed to help you take steps towards this but is not offered as a guaranteed or comprehensive solution for compliance with the ePrivacy Directive, GDPR, CPRA, or other applicable laws and regulations.

Additional Information

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