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My Jetpack

Starting with Jetpack 10.7, Jetpack plugins include My Jetpack – a dashboard for managing your Jetpack products and plans all in one place.

Getting Started with My Jetpack

My Jetpack is available as soon as you install the Jetpack plugin. Even non-admin users with contributor roles and higher can access My Jetpack to manage their account connection for features that need it.

The following products are featured on My Jetpack: 

Viewing My Jetpack

To view My Jetpack, go to Jetpack → My Jetpack. You’ll see a dashboard where you can manage Jetpack Backup, Scan, Anti-Spam, Boost, Search, VideoPress, CRM, Protect, Social and more.

Please, note that some Jetpack services and features require a paid subscription. Please see our pricing page for more information.

Manage your Jetpack

Under Manage your Jetpack, you have access to manage the services that come with your plan and add services and features to your Jetpack plan. You can do so by clicking Manage or Add [Product]. 

Clicking Add [Product] will prompt you to add that service to your site. Sometimes, this means installing a new plugin or purchasing additional subscriptions.

Once you click Add [Product], you’ll follow the prompts to purchase the new service (if necessary) and/or install a new plugin.

On services where available, clicking on the Manage button will take you to the page related to that service.

Your Plan

Under Your plan, you can see what plan you currently have active on your site and can also purchase additional plan(s) and/or services for your site. 


Under Connection, you can see the status of your Jetpack connection, what account your site is connected to, and disconnect your site from Jetpack if you wish.

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