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Should I choose a free or paid Jetpack Stats plan?

Free access to Jetpack Stats is for personal, non-commercial sites only. Commercial sites require a paid subscription.

How is a commercial site defined?

We define a commercial site as one that you aim to make money from. This could be through advertising or affiliate links, selling products or services, soliciting donations or sponsorships, or any other means directly related to a for-profit business or educational organization.

What does the paid subscription offer?

The paid subscription unlocks priority support and access to upcoming advanced features.

How will I be charged?

For the remainder of 2023, commercial sites will be charged at the lowest tier, $10 per month. Starting in 2024, we will introduce metered billing based on site traffic.


Please note that non-compliance with these terms can result in immediate suspension of services without notice. It is essential for you to correctly identify if your site is personal or commercial, and select the appropriate plan.

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