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Jetpack VideoPress Shortcodes

VideoPress Shortcodes allow you to display your videos on any post or page on your site, giving you control over your media and content.

Getting a Shortcode via WP Admin

  1. Go to your WP Admin.
  2. Click Media. 
  3. Click on the video you need a shortcode for.
  4. Copy the shortcode in the video details.

Getting a Shortcode via

  1. Go to, select your site from My Sites.
  2. Click Media.
  3. Click on the video you need the Shortcode for 
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Copy the Shortcode in the video details.

Using VideoPress Shortcodes in your Posts and Pages

Shortcodes can be directly pasted into any of your posts or pages on your site, or you can add via a Shortcode Block.

Example: Pasted directly into a page or post.
Click the Add New Block button and select Shortcode to create a Shortcode Block
A newly created Shortcode Block – You can paste your Shortcode here.

Your video will not be displayed while editing, you will only see the Shortcode Block. You can click Preview to see how your video looks and make necessary edits.

When you preview your Shortcode, it will be visible on your page or post allowing you to use all of the VideoPress features available. Upon previewing, you can head back to your page or post you are building to make any necessary changes via Shortcode attributes which are listed below:

Preview of Shortcode added to Post or Page.

Get Control Over Your VideoPress Shortcodes with Attributes

You can add attributes to your Shortcode to change specific characteristics of your video. Here is a list of available attributes:

  • w=X for width in pixels, do not include units
  • h=Y for height in pixels, do not include units
  • hd=true/false to force HD playback
  • freedom=true/false to force only use open source video formats
  • autoplay=true/false to automatically play the video when it loads
  • loop=true/false┬áto automatically play the video over and over
  • controls=false to hide the default video controls when displaying a video

Adding Attributes to Your VideoPress Shortcode

  1. Copy and Paste your Shortcode as outlined in the above steps.
  2. Attributes will be added before the last bracket on your Shortcode
[videopress uhAZ9tzd attribute=value]
  1. You can add a range of different attributes for your video, in just one Shortcode.
  2. If you wanted to change the height to 200 and width to 600, enable autoplay and loop your video, it will look something like this
[videopress uhAZ9tzd h=200 w=600 autoplay=true loop=true]

Embedding videos on a different site

The VideoPress shortcode can only be used to display videos on the site the video was uploaded to. To embed a video on a different site, you can use the Embed (HTML) code, which can be found by viewing the direct video link and clicking the share icon at the top right of the video.

These articles go over topics that are helpful when using Jetpack VideoPress via either plugin:

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