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Move your Jetpack Plan to a Different Site/URL

A Jetpack plan can only be used on a single site, but if you no longer need the plan on the site you purchased it for, and the plan has not yet expired, then we can help you transfer the plan to a different site. There are a few different approaches, depending on your situation.

If your plan has become linked to the wrong URL

Sometimes, if you create a staging copy of your site, your plan can become linked to the staging site instead of the live site. We can easily fix this for you, just get in touch, and let us know the URLs of both sites.

If your plan will expire soon

If your plan is approaching the renewal/expiry date, then the easiest thing to do is cancel it before it renews, and purchase a new plan for the new site.

If your plan is eligible for a refund

If your plan is still within the refund period, then you can cancel & refund the plan, and purchase a new plan for the new site.

None of the above

If your plan is not refundable, and isn’t approaching the expiry date, we can transfer it to your new site for you. First make sure that Jetpack is connected on the new site (to the same account) and then contact support, letting us know the URLs of the old site and the new site, and we’ll take care of the transfer for you. Note that if you have a backup plan, your backups from the old site will no longer be available once the plan is transferred, so you may wish to download your latest backup before requesting the plan transfer.

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