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Additional Users

The initial account, or user, connected to Jetpack is considered the site’s primary user. Additional users can also be connected to Jetpack, which gives those accounts access to certain Jetpack features.

Each user needs a WP Admin account on the site and a corresponding account:

  • To create a new WP Admin user account on the site, please follow this guide.
  • A free account is needed to connect to Jetpack. If the user does not already have a account, they can create one at .

Once those two pieces are in place, the user can follow these steps to connect Jetpack:

  1. Log into the site’s WP Admin dashboard, and go to Jetpack > Dashboard.
  2. The user should see a prompt asking them to connect their account. Click the “Connect your account” button to do so.
  1. Click the “Connect your user account” button to continue.
  1. If prompted, log into your account. Then, click the “Approve” button to finish connecting your account to Jetpack on the site.

If you need to change the Primary User on your site, you can follow this guide.

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