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Jetpack’s Custom Content Types adds custom post types (CPTs) to your site, which allow you to create a new section of unique content without having to code. You can use CPTs to make your Portfolios, Testimonials, Simple Food Menus, or Comics shine. Once you distinguish your content types from regular Posts or Pages, you can use themes to present your new content types in stunning ways.

Let’s review what Custom Content Types are, their benefits, the different CPTs, and when you might use them to customize your Jetpack site.

Distinguish Custom Post Types with unique tags

CPTs are special designations for your site content that are different from typical Posts and Pages. They serve as places to display unique types of content that do not fit into static posts or pages. You can also use tags and categories that only apply to the CPT in question.

This is a great option for Portfolios, one of the most popular Custom Content Types. For example, you can apply tags to this content. These can be used to connect your images, menus, or testimonials in new and engaging ways.

An artist using the Portfolio content type can tag their paintings with “landscape” to create a rich and engaging tagged page of art featuring landscapes to promote artwork to world travelers. This would be trickier to do when tags apply to all content types, instead of just the Portfolio items.

Custom Content Types work across all Jetpack themes

Because Custom Content Types are a Jetpack feature, you can seamlessly integrate new themes without changing the functionality of your CPTs.

Better still, you don’t have to rely on a theme to display CPTs in an aesthetically pleasing way, as you have the option of using shortcodes to call upon your Testimonials, Portfolios, or Menus in pages or even posts. For example, to insert a Portfolio, you can use the [portfolio] or include a link to your portfolio in the menu.

No coding skills required

Jetpack offers a simpler system for integrating your Portfolios, Testimonials, and Menus into your site pages. Creating your own Custom Content Type usually involves registering a taxonomy on a self-hosted installation. With Jetpack, there’s no need to dig into the code. Just navigate to Settings > Writing. Check the appropriate boxes and Save Changes.

Learning about different content types

Jetpack allows you to integrate a number of different Custom Content Types, but today we’ll focus on Portfolios and Testimonials.


To begin using Portfolio CPTs, create individual portfolio projects, and then use the [portfolio] shortcode to tie them together. You may choose to include them on a page titled, “Portfolio.” Your projects will look like a typical blog page, similar to this one:

Jetpack Portfolio page example using shortcode

Next, use one of the compatible portfolio themes listed here to make your content look its best. Here’s the same page with the Orvis theme applied:

Portfolio page using Orvis theme and showing hover over style

Notice that when you hover over the project name, the project type displays underneath it. This is a great way to ensure that your users have found exactly what they are looking for on your site.

You can also customize any theme with the colors and headings that align with your brand. This page using the Orvis theme now has a different look and feel due to some added customization:

Portfolio page using Orvis theme customized to champagne color

The project pages look like this:

Portfolio project page using Champagne customized Orvis theme


By sharing positive Testimonials from past customers or clients, you can build trust with potential future ones. Jetpack’s Testimonials Custom Content Type gives you a way to display Testimonials in an attractive, and dynamic way.

Jetpack Testimonials Custom Content Type displayed using the Dara theme

When using Testimonials, you won’t be able to categorize items in the same way that you can with Portfolios. This is something to consider when choosing how to organize your content. However, you do have the option to put both text and images in the same box. This makes Testimonials great for a quick glance, as it’s easier for your readers to digest.

The Testimonials Custom Content Type provides a richer way to display recommendations from past customers, helping to bring in new business.

Connect with your site visitors in new ways

Your visitors likely have diverse tastes. Putting all of your content in front of them at once can be overwhelming. By using the Portfolio Custom Content Type, you can customize pages to ensure they speak to each segment of your audience.

When using the Portfolio Custom Content Types, you can use the Project Tags mentioned above to group this content together.

For example, to appeal to the “rustic wedding” niche, you might feature a page of your outdoor wedding photographs by categorizing the relevant images under the same Project Tag. This way, you’ll be sharing the correct content with the appropriate audience. You might promote your “rustic weddings” page to members of outdoor activities or animal lovers’ groups.

By editing your tags, you can stack your page full of relevant information geared towards a particular demographic, or use them as landing pages for paid advertising targeted at a particular group of visitors.

By using the Visibility settings, you can even customize the sidebar to better suit the content being viewed.

Customizing widgets for taxonomy Portfolio Project Type

Here’s that “rustic weddings” page with special information and keywords designed to attract this particular customer profile. This one is using the Twenty Seventeen theme. It’s important to note that every theme will handle widget areas differently:

Customized sidebar on Project Type page

Portfolio project pages also support commenting and automatic sharing via social networks. Upgrade to the Jetpack Social or Jetpack Complete Plan to get the most out of Jetpack’s social features.

Get started with Custom Content Types

Get started with Custom Content Types by installing Jetpack today.

How have you used Custom Content Types on your site? Let us know in the comments!

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Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

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