SEO Tools for WordPress Sites

Content previews and Analytics integration.

Search Engine Optimization.

Optimize your site and content for better search engine rankings and results and easily integrate Google Analytics for better search engine insights.

You don’t need expensive consultants to get your SEO basics right. With Jetpack Professional’s SEO tools you can step up your game while focusing most of your energy on content creation.

Jetpack Professional is ideal for:

  • Small business sites
  • Business and personal blogs
  • News, magazine, and content-heavy sites
  • Ecommerce and retail sites
  • Enterprise and high-traffic sites

SEO Tools and More…

All Jetpack Professional customers immediately benefit from:

  • Traffic Growth
    SEO preview tools and Analytics integration.
  • Fast Video Hosting
    Unlimited fast, high-quality, ad-free video streaming.
  • Expert Support
    Fast, priority support for any WordPress security issue.
  • Ad Program
    Pre-approval to our high-quality ad program.
  • Ultimate Security
    Unlimited backups, malware scanning, automated threat resolution.



    Thousands of WordPress professionals trust us because we know WordPress security inside out.

  • @clivewalker

    “Impressive. Restored WP site using [Jetpack]. Absolutely no problems w/ change of database/server. Site looks perfect. Great stuff!”


    If you’re dissatisfied with our service FOR ANY REASON AT ALL we will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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