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Jetpack Social Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

Jetpack Social automatically shares your website content to your connected social media channels with a single click. To learn more about how to use Jetpack Social, please see our support documentation on Jetpack Social.

Why are you introducing free and paid tiers?

Jetpack Social’s main auto-sharing feature (Publicize) was previously in maintenance mode. It’s worked well for many years, but we’ve decided it’s time to bring this feature to life again and expand its capabilities. We will be offering these plans:

  • Free plan:
    • Auto-share your posts to social media up to 30 times within a 30-day rolling period.
    • Share when you publish, or schedule shares for the future**.
    • Preview how your posts will look on social networks.
    • Save images to your Media Library. 
    • Allow other users on your site to share to your social connections.
    • Recycle content by re-sharing published posts.
  • Basic plan: For sites that need more than 30 shares every 30 days, the Basic plan allows for up to 1,000* shares every 30 days.
  • Advanced Plan: In addition to unlimited shares, the Advanced plan boasts the most feature-packed plan that Social has to offer:

* For this introductory period, there is no sharing limit on the Basic plan so you can explore the new features and share as much as you want!

** Scheduled shares count towards your share limit as soon as the share is scheduled.

What is a share?

A share is one social media post made by sharing a blog post on a social media platform.

How are shares counted?

Shares are calculated based on the number of social media platforms a blog post is shared on. Scheduled posts are also counted as part of your 30 share limit as soon as the share is scheduled rather than being counted when the scheduled share occurs.

For example, if you auto-share a blog post on Facebook and LinkedIn, this is counted as three shares of your 30 share limit. If you then schedule a post to be auto-shared in the same 30 days, this will add three more shares to your share count, bringing your total shares in that 30 day time period up to six shares.

How do I know how many shares I’ve used in the last 30 days?

If you have the standalone Jetpack Social plugin active, go to Jetpack → Social in your WP Admin.

If you are on the free plan, you will see how many shares you have left for the rolling 30-day period:

Share counter for Jetpack Social Free plan showing the remaining number of shares for the current period.

If you have a paid Jetpack Social plan, you will see the number of social posts made under Total shares this month and the number of blog posts that were shared under Posted this month on the main Jetpack Social page in WP Admin. Again, this is only when you are using the standalone Jetpack Social plugin.

A meter that shows the number of social shares and blog posts shared in a month.

If you have the Jetpack core plugin active, the only place where you can see how many shares you have remaining (based on your current plan) is when publishing the post. You’ll see this in the Post editor sidebar, under the green Jetpack menu icon:

Checking the number of shares left when the Jetpack core plugin is active

What happens when I run out of shares?

The auto-share feature will stop working until you fall beneath 30 shares in the rolling 30-day period. If you need more than 30 shares every 30 days, you can upgrade and get a Jetpack Social plan or the Jetpack Complete plan.

Note: You will also receive an email letting you know when you have reached your sharing limit. At that point, you will be offered the option to upgrade.

What happens if I cancel my Jetpack Social paid plan?

If you cancel your Jetpack Social plan, you will be downgraded to the Free plan, with up to 30 shares every 30 days.

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