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Jetpack Multisite

Jetpack can be installed on multisite WordPress either at the network level or for each individual site in the network.

Jetpack Backup and Jetpack Scan do not support multisite WordPress.

Managing Multisite Jetpack Connections

Network Level Connection 

With a network-level connection, administrators control which sites have Jetpack enabled and which features are enabled by default.

Through the plugin management screen, you can enable Jetpack for all sites in your network by going to “My Sites > Network Admin > Jetpack” (Ex:

Screenshot showing Network Activation of Jetpack Plugin on a Multisite WordPress Installation
Network Activation for Jetpack

You can then manage the connection to each individual site:

Screenshot showing Individual Jetpack Connection on a Multisite WordPress Installation
Individual Jetpack Connections in WordPress Multisite

Individual Site Connection

Each Jetpack site can have an individual site connection. When managing this way, Jetpack will need to be enabled on each individual site.

Multisite Differences

For the most part, features on Jetpack multisite work the same as they do on regular Jetpack. There are a few differences, though:


Each Jetpack site on a multisite network requires its own plan. Plans containing Jetpack Backup and Jetpack Scan are not available on multisite installations.

Unsupported features

The following Jetpack products and features do not currently support multisite:

  • Jetpack VaultPress Backups
  • Jetpack Scan
  • Jetpack Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Brute Force Attack Protection

Requires a network-level connection to Jetpack due to the way logins are managed.

Copy Post

It is not possible to use Copy Post to duplicate posts between sites in the network.


Adding premium Jetpack themes doesn’t work on multisite via the one-click option.

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