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Jetpack Search Record Meter

The Jetpack Search Record Meter shows you how many records you have allotted to your plan, what post types are indexed, and how many of your site’s records are indexed.

See the requirements for using the Record Meter and what to expect below. In general, posts, pages, products, and custom post types count as records. Jetpack Search doesn’t count media library files unless they have their post status set to publish. Most attachments are indexed for free. 

Finding Jetpack Search Record Meter

You can access your Record Meter on the Jetpack Search page from WP Admin → Jetpack → Search or via My Jetpack → Search → Manage.

Your Record Meter will show you how many records you have indexed, your subscription plan tier and allotted records, indexed post types, and any related errors for your Jetpack Search.

How is my billing calculated?

Pricing for Jetpack Search depends on your plan type. See our Jetpack Search Product Billing page for more information.


You can learn more about Jetpack Search in our FAQ.

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