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Writing can be tough. That’s why Jetpack includes features that make the writing process easier. Post directly to your blog with an email, easily embed content with a shortcode, or use LaTeX to display complex mathematical equations and formulas.

  • Markdown (Classic Editor) - Markdown lets you compose posts and comments with links, lists, and other styles using regular characters and punctuation marks. Markdown is used by writers and bloggers who want a quick and easy way to write rich text, without having to take their hands off the keyboard, and without learning a lot of complicated codes and shortcuts.
  • Markdown Block - With the Markdown block you can create formatted content using only regular characters and some punctuation marks.
  • Repeat Visitor Block - The Repeat Visitor block enables the author to control the visibility of its nested block(s) depending on how many times a visitor has previously visited the page.
  • Business Hours Block - The Business Hours block allows you to display your business’s opening hours on your site.
  • Contact Info Block - The Contact Info block lets you add your contact information (email address, physical address, phone number) to any post or page.
  • Copy Post - Copy Post allows you to easily start new posts based on existing posts. It supports Posts, Pages, Jetpack Testimonials, and Jetpack Portfolios.
  • Jetpack Blocks - The WordPress Block Editor transforms your way of writing from a single document to a collection of meaningful elements (blocks), with explicit structure. Jetpack includes some blocks of its own, which can help you create your pages exactly the way you want them.
  • Comment Likes - Comment Likes: how to like comments and control how Comment Likes appear on your site. You’re involved in an interesting conversation in the comments section of a post on your favorite blog. Another commenter says something particularly astute, and you’d like to show them you appreciate their comment. Comment Likes are a fun, easy way to […]
  • Shortcode Embeds - Shortcodes allow you to embed videos from YouTube, tweets from Twitter, and other media across the web directly in to your WordPress-powered site. This feature also allows you to embed elements by pasting URLs on a line by itself in your visual editor.
  • Tiled Gallery Block - With Tiled Galleries you can display your image galleries in four styles: tiled mosaic, circular grid, square tiles, and tiled columns.
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