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Simple Payments Block

The Simple Payments block lets you add a payment button to any post or page, and immediately start taking PayPal payments for physical products, digital goods, or donations.


To use the Simple Payments block, your site needs to have an active Jetpack Premium or Professional plan.

Adding a Simple Payments Button

You can add a Simple Payments button to any post or page, by selecting it from the Jetpack section of the block picker:

See our Jetpack Blocks page for more information on adding Jetpack blocks.

The following short video shows the full process of adding a Simple Payments button to a post:

  1. Select the Simple Payments button from the Jetpack section of the Block Picker.
  2. Enter the name of the item you’re selling.
  3. Enter a brief description of the item.
  4. Select your currency and enter the price (without a currency symbol).
  5. Select whether to allow people to buy more than one of the item at once.
  6. Enter your PayPal email address.

The email address you enter will determine where PayPal sends payments for the items sold or donations collected. Double-check the email address you enter to be sure it’s valid and belongs to you! You’ll also need a free PayPal account linked to your bank account to claim any payments you receive.

You can add as many Simple Payments buttons as you like to your page by repeating the process above.


If you’re having any trouble with the Simple Payments block, please contact support for help.

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