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Jetpack Creator offers an enhanced set of tools designed to support content creators in growing, managing, and monetizing their online presence. Some of the features supported through Jetpack Creator include the ability to import unlimited subscribers, 2% transaction fees, and the ability to display ads with WordAds.

These features are specific to a paid Jetpack Creator plan, which offers advanced tools and benefits for content creators looking to expand and monetize their online presence effectively.

This support document provides an overview of the features available in the Jetpack Creator plan, along with useful support resources for each feature.

Import unlimited subscribers

With the Creator plan, you can import an unlimited number of subscribers to your site, allowing you to grow your audience without limitations. There is a soft import limit of 10,000 subscribers, after which you will need to contact support for help with the remaining subscribers.

For comparison, users on the free Jetpack plan will be limited to a maximum of 100 subscriber imports.

Reduced transaction fees

The Creator plan offers a significantly reduced Jetpack Earn transaction fee, a mere 2% down from 10% in the Free plan. This allows creators to monetize their content more profitably.

Display ads with WordAds

Monetize your site by displaying ads from WordAds, which is an ad program from Other Jetpack plans eligible for WordAds enrollment include Jetpack Security and Complete.

Jetpack free features

All the free features of Jetpack are included, such as 40+ Jetpack blocks, paid content gating, paywall access, and a newsletter tool.

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