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Import Subscribers

Our subscriber importer is a quick way to import your email subscribers from another platform. This guide will show you how to import a CSV file of your subscribers so that they’ll be notified each time you publish a post on your site.

Before you Import

Please ensure that you have permission to email your subscribers. If we receive complaints from your subscribers about spam, or if your emails have a high bounce rate, we may take action against your account.

Without a paid Jetpack Social or bundled Jetpack plan, you may add up to 100 subscribers yourself, either via a bulk .csv import, or manually one at a time. You can add up to 10,000 subscribers if you upgrade your plan.

There is no limit to number of people who can subscribe to your blog directly, by choosing to do so themselves.

Import Your Subscriber List

To import subscribers, follow these steps:

  1. Starting from your dashboard, click on Users.
  2. Select the Email Subscribers tab.
  3. Click the Add Subscribers button.
  4. If you have just a few email addresses to add, you can type them in the boxes provided. Alternatively, click the uploading a CSV file link to select a file from your computer.
  5. Click the Add subscribers button after you have made your selection.
The Add Subscribers feature shows three empty boxes for email addresses. Below that, there is a link to upload a CSV file.
You can add subscribers by adding email addresses or uploading a CSV file.

You can either manually type in email addresses, or upload a CSV file that you downloaded from another email platform. When uploading a CSV file, all email addresses in your CSV file will be imported.

Manage Your Subscribers

You can view your imported subscribers from your dashboard by clicking on Users and then clicking on the Subscribers tab.

Here, you can:

  • Click Add Subscribers to add more subscribers.
  • Remove individual subscribers.

Publish a Post

When you publish a post, an email is sent to all your email subscribers. When you click Publish on a new post, scroll down until you see the number of subscribers the post will be sent to:

Jetpack will only send out notifications for new public posts. Publishing other content types (like pages or a custom post type) or making updates to an already published post will not send a notification email.

Migrate Subscribers from a Site

If you’d like to migrate subscribers from an existing site to a self-hosted Jetpack-connected site, you can do that via the Jetpack plugin with our Subscription migration tool.


Errors During Import

If you face any errors importing a CSV file, here are a few things to verify first:

  • Go through your subscriber email list and make sure that all of them are valid email addresses. If we detect any invalid email addresses, the import will not work.
  • Make sure you have collected all your subscriber email addresses by yourself and that you have not purchased any subscriber lists. We take spam very seriously, and your email list will be blocked if we detect known spam addresses.
  • If you have lots of email addresses, try importing them in smaller batches of 500 each.

Here is a list of common errors, and what you can do about them:

Error Message ExplanationSuggested Action
Can’t start subscriber import while another one is running.Another import is already running.Make sure you haven’t started imports in another tab. Otherwise, contact support.
No subscribers have been submitted.An empty file was submitted.Examine your CSV file and double-check whether it’s empty.
The CSV file does not contain information.The CSV file is empty.Examine your CSV file and double-check whether it’s empty.
You cannot add more subscribers on the free plan.It is only possible to import up to 100 subscribers without a paid Jetpack Social plan or bundled Jetpack plan.There is a limit of 100 subscribers on the free plan. Please upgrade to a Jetpack Social plan or bundled Jetpack plan.
You are not allowed to manage subscribers for the specified site.The user account does not have permission to manage users on the site (likely because the account has a different role).Try performing the action from an administrator account.
Any other errorContact support.

Subscribers Not Imported

If you receive an email saying that not all of your subscribers have been imported, here’s why:

  • Some email domains are known spammers or abusers, so we block such domains from receiving email.
  • The email address you tried to add is associated with a user account that has chosen not to receive email.
  • The email address has too many pending invites for subscriptions.

Still need help?

Please contact support directly. We’re happy to advise.

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