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Jetpack Manage: Manage Sites

From Jetpack Manage, you can view a specific site’s Activity Log, backup history, scan history, manage Jetpack Search, manage the social media accounts connected to the site, view the Jetpack plan currently active on the site, and manage plugins installed on the site.

  1. Click Manage Sites to view a list of all sites connected to your Jetpack Agency & Pro Partner Program account. 
  1. Select a site from the list of sites connected to your account to open the dashboard for that site. 

Note: Sites must have the full-featured Jetpack plugin installed in order to appear in Jetpack Manage.

Managing Plugins From Jetpack Manage

Any site with plugin updates available will appear in the list of sites showing how many updates are available in the Plugin Updates field. Click the plugin update notification to view and install available plugin updates for the site:

You can manage plugins for all sites connected to your dashboard from a single page. To manage plugins for all sites, select Plugins from the menu on the left side of the dashboard:

The Plugins page will show all plugins installed on all sites connected to your dashboard. Plugins that have updates available will be at the top of the list of plugins on the plugins page:

Click Update Plugins and follow the on-screen instructions to install any available plugin updates.

You can view the sites each plugin is installed on and manage plugins on a per-site basis from your dashboard, too. Select a plugin from the list to view the sites a plugin is installed on:

Activity Log

The Activity Log for each site connected to your Jetpack Pro account can be accessed directly from the Jetpack Pro Dashboard. 

Managing Backups From Jetpack Manage

Jetpack Manage allows you to view the backups on file for each site connected to your Jetpack Pro account, restore a site from a backup, and download a copy of any backup on file, too.

Please see our documentation for Jetpack VaultPress Backup for more details.

Managing Jetpack Scan From Jetpack Manage

Click Scan in the sidebar to view when Jetpack performed a security on a site and the results of that scan.

Start a manual scan at any time by clicking Scan now button.

View the record of all threats that have been detected on a site by clicking History.

The Search option in the sidebar allows you to quickly manage Jetpack Search settings for a specific site.

Selecting Settings will automatically load the selected site’s Jetpack Search settings within the site’s WP Admin Dashboard. 

Managing Jetpack Social From Jetpack Manage

You can view and manage the social media profiles connected to a site directly from Jetpack Manage. 

You can learn more about Jetpack Social here.

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