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Jetpack Pro Dashboard: Billing/Payment FAQs

Why was I billed for a license that I didn’t assign to a site?

We bill for all licenses that have been issued from your Jetpack Pro Partner account, even if they haven’t been assigned to a site yet. When you issue a license, a totally new license is generated by our systems and is considered active from the moment it was issued, even if it has not been assigned to a site yet.

Why are we billed for days used instead of months?

We bill for days rather than months to provide as much flexibility to our Agency Partners as possible. Because we only bill for the days a license was active over the course of a month, you’re able to issue, revoke, and even transfer licenses whenever you need to. All while only being billed for the time a license is active.

Why does my invoice list days rather than months?

Days are shown on your monthly invoice because we use days as the unit of measurement when calculating your monthly bill. Our payment partner, Stripe, generates your monthly invoice according to how many active licenses have been issued from your account.

How do I add/change/remove a payment method?

You can view the payment methods stored in the Jetpack Pro Dashboard here:

Add a new payment method by clicking the “New credit card” button. Enter your new card’s payment details and click “Save payment method” to add it to your account.

To delete a saved payment method, click the ⋮ button.

Click the “Delete” button to delete the payment method from your account.

To set a card as your “primary” payment method, make sure to check the Set as primary payment method option when adding it to the Jetpack Pro Dashboard.

What happens when I do not have a payment method on file?

If you do not have a payment method on file, your ability to issue new licenses from the Jetpack Pro Dashboard will be paused until you add a new payment method to your account. If you remove all saved payment methods before being charged for the month, you will need to pay any past due invoice before you can assign new licenses. 

Who do I contact if I require additional assistance?

Please contact Jetpack Support directly, or reach out to the Jetpack Agency & Pro Manager. We’re happy to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have.

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